3 Ways to Move House on a Budget

Moving house isn’t easy. It requires you to give up the vast majority of your free time, consider the financial ramifications of buying or renting a new property (as well as potentially selling your current one), as well as try to physically shift all of your possessions from one house to another.

Ultimately, the ease with which you move house comes down almost exclusively to budget. If you have the spare change, you can have the entire process outsourced to a team of professionals, leaving you to concentrate on more pressing matters in your life, such as work or your family.

However, if you don’t have the luxury of a bottomless bank account, you may find yourself struggling to make the process particularly smooth or easy.

This is especially true if money is a pressing concern and you need to be out earning money for the majority of your waking hours.

Well, don’t worry, because although it won’t be as seamless as having the entire process outsourced, you can still move home on a budget – without it descending into stressful chaos.

To help give you some pointers, we have listed three ways to move house on a budget:

Use a Removals Company That Can Give You a Fair Deal

One of the most proven ways to make the moving process easier is, of course, to hire a team of removal specialists who can transport your belongings and even package them all up for you.

The benefits of this are clear to see. You will not need to spend half as much time lugging heavy items up and down staircases, up into hired vans, or trying desperately to fit all your furniture into your new property by yourself.  

However, a common concern many people have about removals companies is that they can quickly become expensive. 

Thankfully, this doesn’t have to be the case. You can instead use an external team for just one part of the process, moving the items from property to property, which costs far less than having them cover the entire process. For instance, you could try Shiply now to move for less with your removals.

Do Most of the Packing Yourself

Another great way to save money when you move house is to do the majority of the packing yourself. 

If you are outsourcing the difficult job of transporting the furniture and belongings between properties to a company, then you will have more time and energy to spend packing and unpacking the items yourself.

This way, you can easily spot items that you no longer need or want, and properly order them to make it easier for you at the other end.

Sell Any Unwanted Items

A great way to pocket some extra cash during the moving process is to sell off any unwanted items of furniture, clothes, or other possessions at a profit. 

Given how easy it is to sell items online these days, you can quickly and easily make a meaningful sum of money just from getting rid of your unwanted belongings.  

Not only does this help increase your budget, but it makes the rest of the moving process far easier.

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