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4 SIM Cards For Travelersin Australia

There are a lot of things you need to put a lot of thought into when planning a trip to Australia: what to see, how much spending money you’ll need and whether you want the all-encompassing travel insurance. One of the last things you want on your mind when taking a vacation is your phone bill. To help you get through the thicket of international travel plans, we’re going to walk you through three SIM cards that can meet any traveler’s needs in Australia, whether they’re a backpacker or staying in luxury.

If you’re visiting from overseas, it’s likely that your current mobile plan won’t work in Australia. You can always buy prepaid travel sim in Australia for use during your stay, but that means finding a store and making sure it’s compatible with your phone (not to mention having an unlocked phone). It’s much easier to just pick one up when you’re at home before the trip.

You may already have an international roaming plan from your current provider. If so, spend some time researching how much data is included and how much each megabyte costs after that threshold has been met.

1. Travel SIM

TravelSIM is an Australian company but has partnered with more than 150 countries around the world. This makes it easy for travelers from other countries who are used to using TravelSIM at home to continue using their service once they arrive in Australia. The SIM is available in 3 different plans: Standard, Data Only or World Pack which allows users to roam internationally without paying excessive roaming costs.

2. TPG

I’ve used TPG before and they were very good. Their rates are not the cheapest but you get unlimited calls within Australia, free calls to any other TPG users and free calls to landlines in 10 countries (including China, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore). The TPG website is a bit confusing – they want you to sign up as an NBN user first (NBN = National Broadband Network). Once you have signed up for NBN (it only takes a few minutes), there is a link “Activate My Mobile Service” at the top of their homepage. Click on the link and it will take you through to their mobile plans. If you don’t need unlimited calls within Australia, there are cheaper plans that start from $10 per month with 500MB data.

3. Telstra

Telstra offers a prepaid SIM card for purchase at a variety of stores across the country, including newsstands and grocery stores. The card costs $30, which includes $30 credit in addition to unlimited calls and texts within Australia for 30 days. Calls made to countries outside of Australia start at $0.99 per minute, so be sure to check rates before making your calls!

4. Optus

Optus also offers prepaid SIM cards that can be purchased at local grocery stores, often near the cash registers or by the magazine racks (and sometimes in vending machines). The card costs $30 and includes $30 credit plus unlimited calls and texts within Australia for 28 days. Rates start at $0.99 per minute to call countries outside of Australia.

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