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5 Reasons Why Writing Activities for Kids Are So Important

What are the essential things your child needs to learn in school? Traditionally, people often answer with the “three R’s”: “reading, ‘riting, and ‘rithmetic.”

Of those three, writing is probably the most undervalued. However, you should never underestimate the value of writing skills.

Learning how to write is critical for a child’s development. It teaches children communication skills, logical processing, and creativity. Because of this, teachers must incorporate writing activities for kids.

When you structure your activities, keep in mind what the benefits of writing as a kid are. If you need some help with what those benefits are, don’t worry! In this guide, we’ll explore five benefits of writing in elementary school.

1. Writing Activities for Kids Prepare Them for Future Writing Assignments

As children progress through their education, writing continues to play an integral role in their classes. As they get older, they’ll have to write essays and take writing tests. Eventually, they’ll need to write clearly and concisely as they fill out college applications or draft resumes.

Since writing is something students will need for most of their education, why not start them young? Find some Free 1st Grade Writing Worksheets to build their writing skills.

2. Writing Is an Essential Skill in Adult Life

Have you ever read an article online or gotten an email that made you think, “Gosh, that’s sloppy writing?” If so, you’re not alone.

Few things make people question your professionalism, like bad grammar and poor spelling. When you see those errors, you can often trace them back to the writer’s early education.

Don’t let your students become adults with these issues. Spend time rooting out their writing errors and improving their basic skills.

3. Writing Helps Organize Thoughts

If you spend time around small children, usually from ages 3-5, you may notice that they ramble when they talk. They still think in a stream-of-consciousness, unorganized way.

What changes as they get older? Often, they learn to write.

Writing helps you organize your thoughts and eliminate unnecessary information. The standard essay, with its introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion, helps streamline that process.

4. Writing Develops Inquiry Skills

When children write essays, it trains them to research and collect data. This process forces them to consider what sort of information they need and where to find it.

When they can identify this information, children become much more capable researchers. This skill helps them continue their education outside of the classroom, allowing them to pursue their interests. It also helps prepare them for workplace settings in their adult lives.

5. An Outlet for Creative Ideas for Kids

Sir Ken Robinson, an educational theorist, often talks about how the education system breaks down children’s creativity over time. If you work with young children, you know how tragic this can be!

Children are full of creative ideas; it’s part of what makes them so exciting to be around. Writing provides an excellent opportunity for preserving their creativity. Encourage kids to write stories they enjoy!

Shape Young Writers

When you plan writing activities for kids, keep these benefits in mind. Use these assignments to draw out the best advantages for your kids.

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