During an event, a custom canopy tent can transform your festival booth or space into a recognizable shop that can be spotted from a distance. When customized with your logo, colors, and messaging, your tent turns an ordinary area into a distinctive setting. It serves as a gathering place and center for your workers and clients and increases guests’ awareness of your business.

The best part is how adaptable canopy tents are! You can use them in events like sponsored picnics, trade exhibits, concerts, fairs, festivals, and concerts. A well-designed custom canopy tent lets you leave your imprint or offer a calm haven at your upcoming event without saying a word. Bear the following guidelines in mind when designing custom canopy tents for your business events:

Make wise frame selections.

No matter the use of your canopy tent, be sure it is simple to set up, take down, and store. One or two persons should be able to move and build the frame if it is lightweight and folds to a manageable size.

Think About Your Color Selections.

For your tent’s color scheme, pick colors that go well with your business and make it easy for your artwork to stand out. The appropriate hue or color combination may draw more people to your booth. Consider the feeling you wish to express.

For instance, yellow is the “happiest” color, purple is elegant, blue is truthful, and red is provocative. Think about what your rivals are doing as well. For instance, you may choose black if many competitors use red tents. Make sure your print, logos, and artwork stand out against any option you choose.

Use Readable Fonts

The greatest option for large-scale printing is web fonts. Even when used in branding, fancy fonts might be difficult to see from a distance. When setting up a canopy tent, you may miss some subtleties if you focus on too many details. Make an effort to be as concise and purposeful as possible while being bold and uncomplicated.

Make Sure Your Logo is Prominent.

People are likely to notice your tent from across the field, parking lot, or conference hall, so you want them to recognize your logo and understand your message immediately. Making sure your logo is prominent and large enough on the tent is necessary to achieve this. The artwork itself is one thing to take into account. It’s important to remember that creating artwork for large-scale printing—such as what might be seen on a custom canopy tent—is different than creating artwork for a website or other type of print.

Choose Superior Fabric

Lastly, your custom canopy tent will last as long as possible if you use high-quality fabrics, which will help you maximize your investment. Although high-quality tent fabric can be a little more expensive, the colors and design will last for years, saving you more in the long run. Choosing a fabric that blocks UV rays, is fade- and water-resistant is a good idea if you know you’ll spend more time outside.

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