6 Branded Shoes For Men

Shoes reveal a man’s personality, lifestyle, and belief system. Most of us are well aware of the first two traits men’s choices of shoes reflect, but I was recently made aware of the third trait—his belief system. So, selecting the shoes you wear is essentially the same as choosing the message you want to send others about yourself.

The famous shoe designer Jimmy Choo says, “The right shoes can make everything different.” On the surface, the shoes might be considered a mere necessity, but when one thinks about it, the right pair of branded shoes for men does make all the difference, not just in how you are perceived but also in how you feel. Your choice of shoes can either make you comfortable through the day or become a painful burden on your feet.

Stepping your best foot forward in style without becoming a slave to fashion trends is not daunting when you are well-equipped with the facts on various types of shoes for men and which ones are a must-have in your footwear collection to go well with your attire and occasions.

Men’s Shoes You Should Own

  1. Loafers: An exceptional pair of shoes that has been popular since 1908, when the “penny loafers” were first introduced to the world, Loafers are a must-have for every man because they can be worn for both formal and casual occasions. Their elegant design adds elegance to formal and informal attire, even jeans and a t-shirt ensemble. Try out loafers by the US Polo Assn. in different colours and designs, both in leather and suede.
  • Chukka: Also known as the “desert boot,” the Chukka is a classic ankle boot for men, perfect for cooler weather or an evening out. A lace-up shoe, the Chukka comes mostly in suede and looks sensational with jeans or casual trousers. A must-have brand for men’s shoes because of the quality and craftsmanship that keep the ankle boot’s edges soft and comfortable enough to be worn for extended periods.
  • Boots: Chelsea boots are a famous pair of shoes patronized by most men, especially during the rainy season and winter. It is one of the most versatile, timeless, and all-occasion pairs ever designed for men, and it can be worn with various outfits. Their elasticized sides make it easy to slip them on and off without a struggle. Arrow has some beautifully crafted leather boots that will last a long time. These boots will accompany you throughout the year with the following features:
    • the spring in your step during the spring season the feeling of warmth on your feet in the dead of winter, and 
    • protection from the rain and puddles in the rainy season
  • Oxford shoes: The classic oxford shoe is a must-have for your formal look and special occasions. Owning a pair of Oxfords is as essential as owning a perfectly tailored legal suit that you own and preserve for special events. A well-preserved pair of oxford shoes can easily last a lifetime. The Oxfords have stood the test of time, through with the seasons and fashion trends, without losing their esteemed place in a man’s wardrobe. Arrow has crafted timeless pieces in black, brown, and tan in solid leather with leather soles and exquisitely designed uppers in leather.
  • Casual ShoesBranded shoes for men for everyday wear are a must for every man. The shoe brands have many choices for you, but instead of buying many different styles of casual shoes, it is prudent to own one pair of sports shoes with laces and a pair of slip-on casual shoes. And if you are more of an outdoorsman, add a sturdy, thick-soled pair of sports shoes to keep you comfortable and agile. They work well while exercising, jogging, on hikes, and on vacations full of activities and walking. Almost all brands offer a variety of choices in colors, styles, and designs, so pick the most comfortable and affordable brand without compromising on quality. A brand like the US Polo Assn. owes its longevity to its consistency in quality and ability to keep up with trends.
  • Slippers: Last but not least, investing in a comfortable and stylish pair of slippers or sandals is a mandatory requirement. Check out the latest Calvin Klein range of slip-on slippers, which do not look like regular slippers at home. Wear them on vacation at the beach, when going out for groceries or chores, at home in the summer, and with a thick pair of warm socks in the winter.

Feet keep us standing and walking, so look after them well by investing in quality and comfort for their excellent health. To get more information please visit our Blog.

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