Bathroom Renovation

6 Design Ideas For Bathroom Renovations

One of life’s greatest pleasures, yet quite stressful, is having to renovate and design your bathroom. You may already have a preferred design, may it be simple or luxurious-looking, and also you want to ensure that everything is in its right place.

Well, most would be consistent with the theme of the house or bedrooms. But the details and other pieces tell a story of their own. So you need inspiration and see what’s feasible for your bathroom.

Take note that other than color coordination, space is important to either be used, maximized, or considered on the bathroom furniture and lighting fixtures. You can also go to the experts on bathroom renovations Melbourne that know how to deal with the space and environment. They consider the environment and give its perfect layout and necessary decorations.

1. Mediterranean Flair

If you want your bathroom to be inspired by the Mediterranean seaside and its summer season, have bright colors such as turquoise, white, sunny yellow, red, and orange.

It doesn’t require all the colors to be present but subtly includes such colors. The walls are usually bright white or have a lighter shade of orange. Tiles may have turquoise colors or blue accents to them. 

Arched doorways and patterned tiles on walls or floors add definitive details to the Mediterranean style. You should also try to add other details such as marble countertops or sink and rustic bronze color to mirror frames and faucets.

2. Vibrant Blue-Trimmed Bathroom

The vibrant ocean blue hue that accents the doors and windows on the white walls gives an airy and light ambiance, which suits houses in seaside locations. The trim colors emphasize the architectural features of those doors or windows. Additionally, the wall and trim combinations of the two colors pop out the more vibrant color. 

3. Clawfoot Tub

A clawfoot tub can add elegance and exquisiteness together with chandeliers, sconce, and intricate details on the mirror wall frames. The luxurious and classic design can give off vibes like those of the bathrooms in mansions or hotels back in the 1920s.

4. Artworks In The Bathroom

Artworks are conversation starters, and you can also display them on your bathroom walls. Your artwork collections add details to your bathroom, especially when placed with the right spacing, and would not cause too much bulkiness. 

5. Checkered Tiles In Bathroom

Checkered tiles put a retro vintage look that is classy and timeless. It’s a detail that’s easy to add to the plain-colored bathroom furniture. Make sure that it won’t clash with the other design patterns, be it tiles, rugs, or wall designs, especially if those patterns are obvious to the eye. 

Also, using tiles on the wall is practical, especially if you like taking hot showers frequently and are concerned about the moisture it may bring to your walls.

6. Upcycled Vintage Cabinets

Do you happen to have antique dining cabinets? You can upcycle them by putting tiled or marble countertops and a sink. It’s elegant and functional for putting your towels and other toiletry supplies.

Bathrooms are functional areas for you, your family, and guests coming to your house. The environment it provides, like bedrooms, gives the advantage of expressing your personality and the feeling of comfort, as it should in the first place.

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