7 Tips for Styling a Green Golf Skirt

Are you looking for outdoor activities to make you feel like a total golf pro? Sportswear made with upcycled materials and recycled materials should top your list.

A green golf skirt looks chic, comfy, and warm. You don’t even have to miss out on trendy styles. And you can easily incorporate any golf clothing in it.

Wondering how to complete your golf ensemble? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Check out these skirt styling tips to complete a women’s golf wear.

Let’s get into it!

1. Play Up the Color Scheme

When styling green golf skirts, there are a few tricks to make sure you play up the color scheme. Start by choosing a hue of green that compliments your skin tone and flatters your figure.

For example, pair a light olive green skirt with a dark grass green shirt. To do this, select colors from its neighboring hues on the color wheel like yellow, blue, and purple.

In addition, be sure to tuck in your top to emphasize the skirt and draw attention to its color. Finally, make sure the skirt fits your body shape as the proper fit will create a sleek look.

2. Accessorize Your Skirt With a Belt

When styling a green golf skirt, the best accessory to complete the look is a belt. Choose something with a bold pattern or bright color for a pop of contrast. You can also experiment with fabrics and textures.

Additionally, a leather belt can create a sporty look while a snakeskin is for something bolder. If you want a more subtle look, pick a shade of green that matches your skirt.

When wearing a belt, consider the silhouette of your outfit. Select something with a low belt buckle for a flattering, feminine look. Overall, a belt adds a touch of class while emphasizing your waistline.

3. Choose Neutral Tones for Your Tops

A great way to get the most out of the look is to pair your green skirt with neutral-toned tops. To add structure and bring an interesting contrast, a high-collared white blouse or cream-colored turtleneck can make for a sophisticated look.

However, the top should be long enough to cover the waistband of the skirt without looking too baggy. Also, if you are aiming for a more casual chic look, pick a top with delicate details such as:

  • studs
  • buttons
  • lace
  • fringed tassels

To keep the look from feeling too dull, a distressed neutral-tone sweater can add a touch of elegance. To create a bolder contrast, a light-colored blazer can be added over top for a professional look.

4. Have Fun With Patterned Polos

When styling your skirt, it’s important to have fun with patterns. These help break up the color and add excitement to the look. Additionally, look for patterns that are toned down and more classic, such as:

  • stripes
  • polka dots
  • checks
  • plaid

In addition, try finding contrasting colors like blues and pink to make the green pop. Pairing brightly patterned womens golf shirts will surely add some visual interest and flair to your look.

5. Go for Pointed-Toe or Round-Toe Flat Shoes

When it comes to footwear, go for pointed or round-toe flat shoes. These are much more comfortable than stilettos and can give you the style without requiring much effort.

Flat shoes can help you maintain balance while keeping your look stylish. On the other hand, pointed-toe shoes bring a timeless touch, while round-toe shoes offer a younger, trendier feel.

As for the color, nude or tan hues can also help to pull the look together. If the golf skirt is patterned or textured, a plainer shoe style is recommended. They will not only help keep your feet comfy, but they’ll also match the athletic vibe of your outfit.

Lastly, embellish the look with details like accents or buckles. With these tips, you’ll be on your way to a fashionable and successful look!

6. Add Accessories Like Jewelry and Hats

When styling a green golf skirt, accessories are key to making the entire look come together. Hats, scarves, belts, and jewelry can make for great additions.

Also, make sure to choose items with bold colors that help emphasize the outfit, or go for a more muted look by incorporating neutral tones. Hats like a fedora or baseball cap can help provide an added layer of style.

When it comes to jewelry, opt for pieces that have small yet striking details, like a chunky necklace or stack of bracelets. Other accessories can also add the finishing touch to the look, such as:

  • colorful scarf
  • a structured handbag
  • a pair of sunglasses

With the proper combination of accessories, any green golf skirt is sure to make an impression on the links and off.

7. Select Appropriate Outerwear for Cooler Days

Select from a variety of outerwear that will keep you warm on cooler days. These may be anything from:

A Cardigan

To add a touch of elegance, choose one that is made from luxurious fabrics such as cashmere or merino wool. For an additional layer of warmth, look for a cardigan with long, fitted sleeves and a mid-length cut.

This will keep you cozy while still looking polished.

A Lightweight Windbreaker

Choose a lightweight windbreaker that will keep you protected from the wind without adding too much bulk. Look for something with a zipper in the front, and avoid bulky pockets, as they will add unnecessary weight.

Also, select a color that will go well with the green of the skirt. Once you have that selected, add a simple top underneath, like a t-shirt or tank top, for a minimalist look.

A Quilted Vest

When wearing a green golf skirt, styling with a quilted vest can create a great look. Choose something that complements your green skirt, such as a navy blue or brown. This will create an eye-catching contrast.

For a more preppy look, add a turtleneck or cable knit sweater for an effortless, put-together finish.

Best Ways to Style a Green Golf Skirt

A green golf skirt can make a bold fashion statement that will surely turn heads. By following these simple tips, you can create a unique and stylish look that you can enjoy on the golf course and beyond.

So, don’t be afraid to be bold! Try these grade women’s golf clothing tips today and create a look that is uniquely you.

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