8 Therapy Jobs That Could Be Right for You

Finding a job that not only pays the bills but is also fulfilling is important if we’re to find lasting contentment. Although contentment and fulfillment mean different things to different people, we’re social animals, and helping other people is a rewarding pursuit.

For this reason, you might want to look into a job in therapy. Therapy jobs require focus, attention, and empathy. If you’re the rare type of person who has all three, you might find your calling in this article!

If you’re looking for a job you can be proud of, keep reading to find out which career in therapy might be for you.

Clinical Psychologist

Before help can be given, problems must be assessed to better understand which direction would be best for improvement. Assessing, diagnosing, and treating the psychological issues people are facing is the job of a clinical psychologist.

After studying a wide range of psychological issues people commonly deal with and why they occur, a clinical psychologist will be able to act as a sort of guiding hand. There are many different approaches to helping people in distress, but in general, offering a different perspective is sufficient to help them secure a healthier direction in life.

Marriage and Family Therapist

A great deal of strife exists for people who’ve found themselves in a relationship that either no longer benefits them, makes their life worse, or is otherwise a mistake to begin with. We all seek affection from others in one form or another, and it’s a powerful desire. This desire is so powerful many people take whatever they can get at the first opportunity.

This usually leads to a disaster that becomes worse as time goes on. Therapists understand our motivations very well and use their knowledge and expertise to help people navigate the murky waters of interpersonal relationships.

Person-Centered Counselor

The idea behind person-centered counseling is that people are capable of learning and becoming self-actualized. The process of self-actualization is an interesting one, the theory is through introspection and honest scrutiny of our internal workings, we can learn to steer ourselves more deliberately.

The role of the person-centered counselor is to help their client to realize this fact. With some guidance, they’ll be able to help themselves in the future rather than being reliant on others.

School Counselor

A school counselor works with children within the setting of their school. Typically, children who exhibit a need for counseling display behavioral difficulty or are known to be in a less-than-ideal situation at home. The idea is to give such children a space in which they’re able to talk freely about their life, and perhaps to offer helpful perspectives and coping strategies along the way.

Essentially, allowing a child to talk about their problems allows them to hear them for themselves. It’s also beneficial for the child to feel heard and respected, especially when it’s their only opportunity to do so.

Dealing with behavioral health is especially important when working with children. If you’re interested in the position yourself and need help finding behavioral health software to keep your data simplified, Allevia might be worth a look!

Rehabilitation Counselor

For whatever reason, some people aren’t as able as others. Due to a genetic defect or an accident that left them disabled, they struggle to find a position in life where they can be useful and fulfilled.

Rehabilitation counselors assist such people in finding their way using behavioral science. They also help with the emotional and psychological difficulties of their disabilities. There’s no reason people who are less able than others can’t live a fulfilling life, and the first step is seeing the truth of this themselves.

Rehabilitation counselors will often introduce their patients in rehabilitation to other people who have succeeded in integrating into society. To this end, networks of individuals can call upon each other for support.

Substance Abuse Counselor

Addiction is a particularly difficult problem for people to deal with alone. Without some form of help, it’s not uncommon for people to lose themselves entirely due to their addiction. Substance abuse is a frightening activity that often causes people to spiral out of control, losing all semblance of hope for a normal life.

A substance abuse counselor specializes in helping people extricate themselves from the jaws of substance dependency and the many mental health issues that are so regularly associated with it.

Art Therapist

Creative expression can be particularly rewarding for exploring thoughts and emotions. Working with our hands can also be a meditative experience, helping people to remove themselves from a negative cyclical rut.

Art therapists provide people with an outlet for their internal struggles. This encourages them to apply themselves to a positive goal. Their creations also help both the patient and the therapist get a better understanding of the cause of their distress and how to tackle it.

Some people aren’t as vocal as others, so using artistic expression as a form of communication can be particularly useful.

Music Therapist

People from all backgrounds enjoy learning rhythm and experimenting with various musical instruments. Individuals with learning difficulties enjoy musical sessions where creativity and exploration are encouraged. This type of work promotes self-expression and confidence, strengthening general ability in many other areas of their lives.

Musical therapy also lends itself very well to group work, where individuals can learn to enjoy socializing and working together. Communication isn’t simply saying the right words at the right time, after all. Playing music with others teaches people who struggle with the nuances of communication to watch out for subtleties that may otherwise be difficult to explain.

Therapy Jobs in Behavioral Counseling

Therapy jobs pay well and allow you to help a diverse range of people. If you’re an empathic type who enjoys helping people excel where they wouldn’t otherwise, working in the behavioral health niche could be for you.

Otherwise, counseling jobs, whichever you might choose, are all career paths to be proud of. It might sound trite, but something is healing about helping people. You might find helping others to be the help you need for yourself.

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