A-List Of Wedding Anniversary Wishes

The Wedding Anniversary Wishes is a day of recall the moments of that day in the past. Remembering and celebrating events that took place previously on the same date. As new people coming into life or old ones steeping into heavenly realms. In marriage two people coming into a union of marital bliss together or an important event marking an unforgettable day of the past.

The many memorable moments have come in the life of the married couple. Like, where they meet first, their first meeting, their first call, and many more things. That’s why wedding anniversary wishes are so important. The day serves as a reminder to the couple of the reasons they fell in love and, the promises they have made to each other.

A wedding anniversary is a time for celebration and celebrating the lovely bond of togetherness.

We share some wedding anniversary wishes that you can use for your family members and friends also. You can wish them with some gifts, write anniversary wishes on picture collage or you can wish them on their Facebook page or on Instagram, whatever suits you.

Wedding anniversary wishes for wife

Wedding anniversary wishes
  1. You have shown me what true love is and for that, I don’t ever want to lose you. You are the reason our marriage has lasted this long. I can’t thank you enough for everything. Wishing you the happy Wedding Anniversary my love.
  2.  On our anniversary today apart from cherishing the memories, we have made. And how much we nurtured our love throughout. Lots of love and hugs. Wishing you a Happy wedding anniversary my love.
  3. I am sending you a Happy Anniversary wishes with lots of love my wife. The exciting, youthful, blissful, and romantic time we spent together, were wonderful years of my life with you. Send you a Wedding Anniversary wishes from my heart with love.
  4. You have made our house become at home. One should know You are the reason for our marriage has lasted this long. You teach our kids what a family is. I can’t thank you enough for everything that you have done for us and our home. Wish you the Happiest wedding anniversary.
  5. Anywhere with you is way better than anywhere without you. That’s why I am never living your side. And I am never letting you leave my side too. I can only thank you and make sure to keep you happy always. Wishing you a happy wedding anniversary.

Wedding anniversary wishes for husband

Wedding anniversary wishes
  1. May our bond get strong more. You are an amazing person and a wonderful life partner. Growing old with you is the best thing that I can ever dream of. Happy Wedding Anniversary to both of us.
  2. This is the day when we took our vows. Love you unconditionally. Nothing can change my love for you and nothing ever will. Sending you my heart with Wedding Anniversary wishes.
  3. Whatever it was a father of our kids or to me as a husband or a lover. Thank you for everything you did for us. Wedding Anniversary wishes are a small way of mine to show love for you. 
  4. Another year, another anniversary, another milestone, and here we are forever. I am so grateful to God for showering us with so many years of togetherness and happiness. You mean the world for me. Sending you a Wedding Anniversary wishes with lots of love.
  5. I am so delighted and thankful for having you as my partner. Being together is a journey that is still got loads of miles to go and knowing that is so peaceful. Happy Wedding Anniversary to us.

Wedding anniversary wishes for sister

Wedding anniversary wishes
  1. As you both celebrating another year of togetherness. You two are meant for each other. You are a blessing to each other and I haven’t ever seen a couple so perfectly matched and so much in love. Happy wedding anniversary wishes for both of you. 
  2. May your love grow day by day. You both keep making and enjoying as many memories as you can. Best wishes on this wonderful day. Lots of wedding anniversary wishes to you. 
  3. Life is an adventure ride and nothing makes it more thrilling and worth than sharing it with the person you love most. I am glad you have found the right person. Happy Wedding anniversary to both of you. 
  4. You two are the perfect example of an ideal marriage. May the almighty bless your heart forever with loads of joy and love. Such an inspirational couple both of you. Wedding Anniversary wishes for both of you with lots of love and blessings.
  5. On this special day of your wedding anniversary, I wish you both unconditional love, blessings, and happiness. So glad to see you two prosper and bloom together like this. Happy anniversary to both of you. 

Wedding anniversary wishes for brother

  1. May your love keeps growing stronger and your bond strengthens and stands every test of time. It is just seeming like yesterday that you took your vows. Sending lots of wishes on your wedding anniversary.
  2. Some couples are made for each other but then there are couples like you who are made for each other. May each year of your wedding anniversary bring more happiness in your life. God keep blessing you, and I am also sending both of you wedding anniversary wishes with love and hugs. 
  3. May the almighty shower my brother and sister-In-Law with his choicest blessings and all the love on this special day. Heartiest wishes on your wedding anniversary. 
  4. May the freshness of your love remain the same and as great as it was on your wedding day. May you two achieve all that you want and can take your relationship to newer heights with every passing year. A happy wedding anniversary wishing for both of you to God.
  5. I always thought that my brother was my best friend and then came to my sister-in-law. And I have changed my side. We create beautiful memories together, we laugh hard and enjoy our lives to the fullest. Best wishes on your wedding anniversary. You both make a wonderful pair. Sending your wedding anniversary wishes with love.

Wedding anniversary wishes for parents

Wedding anniversary wishes
  1. Couples of today need to learn from you how to make a successful marriage for so many years. So proud of you and your blissful life. wish all the love and togetherness, both of you achieved all the stages of love. More power and love to your mom and dad. Happy Wedding Anniversary!!
  2. You are the parents that all the kids hope to have and you are the couple everybody wishes to be. I am glad that we are your children. I am able to enjoy the bliss of having a knitted family. Happy Anniversary wishes to both of you.
  3. Treat yourself well this anniversary. For all the priceless memories that you have enjoyed together. Let’s enjoy this special day together. I love you both so much. Happy wedding anniversary wishes for mom and dad. 
  4. Being able to witness your love and your wonderful marriage every day is a blessing for us. I haven’t seen anything as beautiful as your relationship. Happy anniversary wishes to both of you.
  5. Your happy and successful marriage taught us the core values of life which nobody else can teach. Thank you for teaching and showing us what true love is. Happy Wedding Anniversary to mom and dad.

 Wedding anniversary wishes for friends

  1. Wishing you all the best as you begin another year of your life together. You both continue to show the world that true love exists. And we are hoping you keep doing that. Sending you both with love from my side wedding anniversary wishes.
  2. Anniversaries are reminiscing of the promises that the couple makes in the past. As another year passes, I hope you emerge and grow stronger together. Wishing you to lead a happy and fulfilling life with each other. Happy Wedding Anniversary wishes for both with lots of love.
  3. Hand in hand and heart to heart, the loveliest and most fulfilling of anniversaries are a result of going through all the life’s bitter and good moments together. May your affection and devotion towards each other continue forever. Happy Wedding Anniversary Wishes to the loveliest couple!
  4. I am wishing you two a peaceful life with blissful moments. A happy and successful marriage is based on faithfulness, love, trust, and belief in each other. Marriage is the perfect example of all these together. Happy wedding anniversary.
  5. Happy wedding anniversary wishes to the gorgeous couple. You both make a beautifully wonderful couple. It is so great to see you create so magic in each other’s life for so many years now. Sending all the love and best wishes as you celebrate yet another year of love.

So, these were some lovely wishes for your loved ones. You can use them and make your loved ones feel special and happy. A wedding anniversary is a perfect time to remind your loved ones of how much you love them and care for them.

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