Are You Looking Into Buying Gold? Check Out Gold Bars

Now you can buy gold at an even less expensive price. Buying gold bars instead of coins comes out to be cheaper because it doesn’t include the extra manufacturing and packaging. The benefits of bars far outweigh the costs.

Why is Gold the Number One Investment in 2022?

Believe it or not, Gold in any form is on a higher level than actual currency and it’s been around a lot more years. The good thing about investing in gold is that it is tangible and can be something you can physically hold like bars. It is even almost impossible to destroy as it can’t be damaged by water, fire, and time. It is very easy to convert into cash especially since a lot of people are looking for it. If you are thinking about the future, it will get more valuable.

What are the Pros of investing in gold bars rather than gold coins?

  • It’s less expensive
  • You get more ounces for your money spent
  • Less installment than coins due to coins having more design and work into it
  • Easy to store and takes up less space
  • They will last a lifetime

Are There Different Kinds and Sizes of Gold Bars?

Yes, that is the first step you need to think about when purchasing these bars, the size. There are a lot of different sizes from one gram to 400 ounces which is typically what banks purchase. The bigger the bar, the fewer installments you’ll have to make but that doesn’t mean that you will want to invest in the heaviest one. It is better to do the opposite. It is better to sell multiple small bars instead of one big one because it is more likely you will be getting the amount of currency you need to the tee, and will also be easier to trade in case of a necessary barter scenario explained here. It is also more difficult to sell something big, worth a lot of money because not that many people have that kind of money. It will be less risky to sell small bars because it could be fake. There can be times when people will sell imitated big bars to get money, so you must be careful!

Are There Different Brands of Gold?

The most important thing to look out for when buying gold is a known hallmark/stamping. If it doesn’t have that information stated on it, you could be buying a gold bar that’s not 100% all gold. If you don’t see a gold bar that has the refiner, weight, purity, and resignation number, then that’s already a red flag because you don’t know exactly what you are getting. Hallmarks are just as important that way you know the brand you are purchasing and can research it. Having a good Hallmark on gold can help you sell it at a better price. Some good brands are the following: Goldco, American Hartford Gold, Augusta Precious Metals, and Patriot Gold Group.

Is it a Good Idea to Buy Gold Bars at Your Local Bank?

Purchasing gold through a bank in the US is not common at all. In today’s world, gold is mostly purchased from distributors that have nothing to do with banks. It is a requirement in the US to go through an authorized purchaser.

            In other countries, you can purchase gold easily through the bank. If you are wondering if your bank sells gold, you can always give them a call or ask in person. If the bank does happen to sell gold, ask if they do anything for their existing customers.

Where to Store Your Gold

            The best way to store your gold is to keep it a little bit close to you just in case of any emergencies and store the rest of it out of your house somewhere that can also be accessible to you at any time.

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