Enhancing Workplace Security: Benefits of Access Control Systems

Security in the workplace is always a concern, but technology has made it easier than ever before to help keep areas secure and protect employees and the business. An access control system provides a means of securing specific rooms inside a building or the complete building and is customizable to meet the needs of any business, no matter the size. Consider the key benefits of this type of security system for your business. 

Prevent Unauthorized Access to Spaces

With access control systems, it’s simple to prevent unauthorized people from entering secure areas. This might be the entire building, certain levels of the building, or certain rooms inside the building. If there are confidential documents, costly equipment that needs to be kept safe, or the need for safe areas for employees of the business, the access control system can help keep people out of those areas to ensure they are secure at all times. 

Flexible Access Timing for Employees

Access control systems are highly flexible, so it’s easy to change the times when access is allowed. This can limit access at night, help ensure someone can get in if they need to work late or prevent someone from using an employee’s key card to get inside the building after hours. The timing can be changed as needed or set up from the beginning to help limit the access, so it can meet the needs of the employees and your business

Activity Tracking in Real Time

With an access control system in place, it’s easy to track who is where inside the building. If there is an emergency, this can help get emergency services where they’re needed as quickly as possible. It’s also possible to use this data to determine who is working when, how long someone works, and where they go in the building while they’re working if that information is needed. All of it can be tracked in real time, so it’s not necessary to wait until the end of the day or week to get this information. 

No Need to Carry Keys

Keys are no longer needed with an access control system. Employees can have a keycard that can be kept on a lanyard for easy access when they’re moving through the building. This allows them to move into any room they have access to without having to look for a key or worry about a lock that isn’t working properly anymore. Plus, these systems are more secure than a key lock, so there’s no need to worry about someone picking a lock to get inside the building after hours. 

Assistance With Investigations

If there is any suspected criminal activity in the building, the access control system may be a vital part of the investigation. It can be used to determine who had access to the room, especially at the time of the alleged theft, and be used to show who could or couldn’t have stolen the item. This can help narrow down who might have been involved or determine how the theft occurred, so it can be handled appropriately. 

When security is a concern, an access control system may be the best way to prevent unauthorized access to part or all of the building. Look into the options available today to find the right system for your business.

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