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Buying a New Car? It’s All About the Timing

When planning on buying a new car, don’t just rush into a dealership and purchase the first unit you will see. A responsible car buyer knows how to take his time in considering all his options, even if he already has the budget. Speaking of timing, here are the suggested times of the year to buy a new car for sale Brisbane model to get maximum discounts.

The End of the Month

Dealers usually have a quota when they sell cars. Manufacturers require them to reach a specific sales target by the end of the month or the end of the quarter for them to receive a significant bonus. Whether you’re checking out new or demonstrator cars for sale in Brisbane units, there’s a high chance that the dealers will offer you big discounts if you decide to buy at this particular period just for them to meet their quota.

The End of the Financial Year

June is considered the end of the financial year and one of the best seasons to buy a new car for sale Brisbane brand. Note that this still depends on what financial year the manufacturer follows. During this period, monthly car sales volumes are high. This is a great time to invest in purchasing a new car because dealers are yet again driven to meet their quota and increase their financial year sales figures. Aside from receiving discounts, you can get other freebies such as roadside assistance, extended warranty, or extra car accessories.

The End of the Year

December is indeed a season to be jolly because it also is a perfect time to get yourself a new car. Dealerships work harder during this season because cars built this year will already become outdated when the new year comes in. So if you’re thinking of purchasing a Skoda Kodiaq demonstrator for sale during Christmas, you can expect to receive substantial clearance deals.

The New Year

Extending the holiday season, buying a new car for sale Brisbane unit in New Year is also a wise move. You are guaranteed to get early-year plate clearance sales. If you decide to purchase by February, you can still expect to have discounts offered to you.

Model Run-Out

Say, you’re eyeing that Skoda Kodiaq Diesel for sale in the market. Before agreeing with the dealer regarding the price, you must first know when this unit has been on sale or the estimated date as to when a new or updated version will be released. Having information about these details can help you in negotiating with dealers. Automobiles that have been around for three to four years are expected to be updated. If they are on the market for about six to seven years, most likely the manufacturer will be releasing an upgraded model. You can use this as leverage to bargain on that car that was about to go obsolete.

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