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Cross Country Movers New York To Los Angeles

At CNYX – Move East, we are one of the leading companies offering cross country long distance moving services. We specialize in New York and California with New York City and Los Angeles being one of our main routes – back and forth. If you are planning to move from New York to California, or more specifically, from NY to Los Angeles, we are the people you should be calling. Read on to learn more.

How much does it cost to move from New York to Los Angeles?

There is no specific figure for this coast to coast move. Granted, it will cost you quite a bit of money considering the long distance that your furniture items will need to cover. On average, such a move will range at between $4,000 and $8000. Some of the factors that will determine whether you range closer to 8K or 4K include the volume of goods that you will need moved, when you choose to move, where you’re moving to in Los Angeles, and what additional moving services you need, e.g. storage or unpacking.

What are the best cross country moving companies?

There are lots of cross country moving companies in the US. In fact, there are hundreds of them. However, as you would imagine, only a handful of them might be relevant to your specific move. Now we may not be well placed to speak on behalf of other cross country movers but we do know that at CA-NY Express we offer the best cross country services in the country. We specialize in direct NY to LA moves with guaranteed timelines and the best rates. Just request our quotes and compare with those of our competitors.

Is it more expensive to live in New York or California?

Cost of living is a very important economic aspect to look into when moving to a new state. Although you might earn slightly more in a different location, a higher cost of living could take you back economically. Between the two states, New York has a higher cost of living. Property, healthcare, education, and transportation are much costlier in New York than in California. That means that when making a cross country move from NY to LA, you can look forward to a slightly cheaper lifestyle than you are used to in the Big Apple. This means you could get a bigger place, splurge a little more on entertainment and eating out, and so forth. 

What is the most inexpensive way to move long distance?

There are many ideas on how one can move long distance without incurring lots of money. We have seen and heard quite a lot of them. The problem usually is that most are not very practical. For example, one could, say, sell off everything they own and move without any possessions. All they would need to incur therefore is a bus or plane ticket. However, this is not a feasible plan for most.

The most feasible way to move long distance inexpensively is to look for a New York mover with:

  • Fair rates.
  • Good insurance to cover you against property damage while in transit.
  • To declutter and move with only the important furniture.
  • To choose your moving period carefully in order to avoid busy weekends, snow season, or holidays.

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