clogged drains


The most common plumbing problems faced by many plumbing companies in Australia are clogged drains. It’s a plumbing problem that requires immediate action since it leaves sinks and toilets unable to drain. This results in an awful lingering smell. There are companies in Sydney that provide services for all kinds of plumbing issues like blocked drains.

The main causes of clogged drains in Australia are as follows:

· Grease and fat

Grease and fatty material come from the soaps and food residues that are washed down the drain. The fatty and greasy matter solidifies as it passes down the drain and collects on the walls of the pipe due to its sticky properties.


The major cause of the clog is hair build-up and can create huge problems for house owners. Hair combines with other materials such as fat and grease as it is washed down the drain. It collects on the walls and starts building up.

·Foreign object

The foreign objects that cause blocked drain include napkins, too much tissue paper, soaps, and sanitary items. Most of them can cause the build-up of other substances but will not block the drain completely.

· Trees and leaves

It is likely to experience blocked drains regularly if there are trees in the compound along the sewer line. Falling of leaves happens during the autumn season is washed down the drain and can cause a build-up in the sewer line.

·Poor workmanship.

When it comes to blocked drains, the quality of your drain system also contributes. If the pipes are fragile, they tend to get damaged and lead to a blocked drain.

The following are the ways to control clogging of drain caused by the above problems.

1)Boiling water

Boiling water is useful to clear blocked drains caused by grease, fat, conditioner, and other toiletries. Extreme heat helps to break them up because they have a low melting point. Boil a kettle with water and pour it down the drain to remove the blockage.

2)Natural cleaners

Natural cleansers create a fizzing effect that breaks drain blockages. After pouring hot water down the drain, follow it with a cup of vinegar and one cup of bicarbonate of soda. The combination of the natural cleanser mixture and hot water can break blockages.

3)Caustic cleaners

Some stores sell caustic cleaners that are a strong remedy against drain blockages because it dissolves fat, grease, and oils. Ventilate the room before starting and always follow the instructions on the packaging.


Plungers are a simple yet effective tool. It can help to dislodge blockages. They form a seal around the plughole; followed by a vacuum effect that removes blockages in drains.

5)DIY drain snake

This tool is made out of any thin metal wire like a coat hanger. Place a hook at the end of the snake and insert it into the plughole. Use this technique to fish out the blockages made of hair. This approach is very effective in showers.

6)Plumbers drain snake

Plumbers drain snakes are advanced tools and should only be used by a professional. They delve further into your pipes and can remove blockages from deep within the drainage system. Go for these tools for difficult clogs when normal methods can’t tackle.

7)Hydro jet

They use intense bursts of water to remove debris. Sometimes we need to follow this approach since it’s a dependable way to remove the bulk of the problem.

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