Elevate Your Style With These Five Luxurious Watches From Rolex

Rolex is probably the largest luxury watchmaking company globally and has existed for more than one hundred years. Rolex’s longevity is proof of how it thrives on committing itself to bring the best timepieces a luxury watchmaker can offer to people’s wrists. For a hundred years, Rolex created wristwatches for men and women of all ages. 

Every Rolex collection series packs a different impact distinctive from other company categories. These extreme yet playful designs without compromising the quality are possible because of all its high-end products that can protect the clock, assure comfort, and diminish the wearer’s irritation.

Rolex Day-Date Men’s Watch

Rolex boasts a clean and dissent look with this timepiece from the Day-Date collection series. It features a sky blue dial designed with baton index markers and sticks hands with a luminous silver-toned finish. An aperture is placed on the three o’clock position designated for the current date, with the present-day displayed on the midnight position.

This luxury watch amounting to ¥6,442,546 is made from a platinum case, assuring the wearer’s protection and safety with a solid back shielding its internal mechanisms. It can maintain operation for 70 hours and resist water pressure for up to a hundred meters. A platinum bracelet band was also equipped on the watch for the comfort of use.

Rolex Datejust Watch

Made with utmost sophistication and overwhelming elegance, this Rolex from the Datejust series exudes confidence for anyone who would wear it. This ladies’ watch is polished with a brown dial featuring diamond indexes and a sword with rose gold finish costs ¥3,253,455. This sophistication level is always perfect for the most formal of parties and occasions.

The case and the bracelet band is made of everose gold, acting as a shield for the entire timepiece and comfort to the lady. Its diamond plain bezel is enough to know the wearer’s level compared to her surroundings. It has a hundred-meter water-resistant capability maintaining a 55-hour working capacity. 

It will surely attract several eyes wanting to grab this for a gift to their girlfriends or wife. Especially with Valentine’s Day nearing, the number of customers vying for it will only become more extensive. Buy one this immediately and get a headstart against the others interested in it. 

Rolex Cosmograph Daytona

The best epitome of royalty and distinction, the unafraid, bold statement that this timepiece brings will surely leave the audience in awe and wanting. Its dial seems to depict a shining story with all the diamonds lining up on a black background lumped together with diamond indexes and skeleton hands with a rose-gold finish. 

It has three other subdials for 60 seconds, 30 minutes, and 12 hours counters. The watch’s rose gold case is topped with a plain bezel adorned with diamonds. Its bracelet band features rubber as its main component for men’s comfortability. This distinctive watch can maintain its time-telling accuracy for up to 55 hours and has a value of ¥14,847,455.

Rolex Sea-Dweller Unisex Watch

Rolex will never come last in terms of timepieces with designs and specific purposes. With this Unisex watch from the Sea Dwellers collection, all clocks made for water activities will pale compared to this 1220-meter water resistance capacity. It has a luminescence finish allowing divers to use it even in the underwater dark. 

It boasts a dive bezel fine-lined with yellow gold highlighting its black dial embellished with arrow index markers and a Mercedes hands with an aperture provided for the current date on the three o’clock position. Both the case and the bracelet band is made of stainless steel to protect the watch and avoid irritation even underwater. 

Rolex Yacht-Master Men’s Watch

This watch from the Yacht-Master series comes with a different impact of a statement than the other Rolex watches on the list. It features a black dial adorned with arrow index markers and Mercedes hands with luminous everose gold finish. Its matte black dive bezel adds a particular twist to its aura providing a more masculine touch.

The rubber from its bracelet band secures the watch to the wrist for a sticky feeling without the stainless steel’s looseness. It is water-resistant for a hundred meters and relies on the jewels to keep the internal mechanisms working up to 55 hours. This Yacht-Master watch amounts to ¥2,681,728.


When it comes to its collection series, Rolex variations provide its customer’s options of the designs they would want, specifying on their wristwatches and if ever they are vying for watches made for specific purposes. With this many choices, it is not unbelievable to say that Rolex is the biggest luxury watchmaker worldwide. 

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