Everything You Need to Know About Portable Toilet Services

You’ve been there before. Nature calls but there’s nowhere to go. Whether you’re camping in the great outdoors or at a crowded festival with mile-long bathroom lines, sometimes you need a more convenient bathroom solution. Portable toilets to the rescue! Renting a portable restroom for your next event ensures your guests always have a place to go when they gotta go. In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know about portable toilet services. You’ll learn the different types of portable potties, what’s included in a rental package, how many you need for your event’s size, placement tips, and how to keep them clean and stocked. We’ve got all the deets to help you rent the right portable toilets and keep your guests happy.

Types of Portable Toilets and Features to Look For

So you’ve got an outdoor event coming up and you need to make arrangements for restrooms. Unless there are facilities on site, renting portable toilets is your only option. For Large Events

If you’re hosting a big event like a music festival, fair, or sporting event, portable toilets are a must. Having enough restrooms for a large crowd is essential for keeping guests comfortable and avoiding long wait times. You’ll want to determine how many units you need based on the event duration and estimated attendance.

For Remote Locations 

If your event is taking place in a rural area without easy access to other restrooms, renting porta-potties means your guests won’t have to go on a long trek to find a toilet. They provide convenience and peace of mind that facilities will be available on-site. 

For Short-Term Use

Renting portable toilets is ideal if you only need them for a few hours or a couple of days. You can have them delivered and picked up quickly and you won’t have to worry about installation or long-term maintenance.  All you have to do is make sure there are enough units for your needs during the rental period.

Portable toilets provide a simple solution for restrooms at events of all types.  By determining how many units you need and the appropriate rental period, you can ensure your guests will have a positive experience with minimal hassle or interruption. And when the event is over, the units are picked up and carted away, leaving you with one less thing to stress about.

Hiring a Reputable Portable Toilet Service Company

Standard Units

The most common type typically includes a toilet seat and a holding tank. They’re compact, affordable, and perfect for small work crews or events. Look for a sturdy, tip-resistant base, seat cover dispenser, and ventilation to keep odors at bay.

ADA Compliant Units

For accessibility, these units have wider doors, grab bars, and higher toilets. They meet the Americans with Disabilities Act requirements. If you have disabled guests or staff, ADA units are a must.

Executive or Deluxe Units

These high-end units offer more comfort with amenities like running water, air conditioning, lighting, mirrors, and hand washing stations. They’re ideal for weddings, corporate events, or anywhere an upscale experience is important. Expect to pay more for the additional features. 

VIP or Luxury Suites    

For the ultimate experience, VIP suites feel like fully plumbed restrooms. They include flushable toilets, sinks,  lighting, air conditioning, and more. Some even have separate men’s and women’s suites with multiple stalls. VIP suites are perfect for high-profile events but come at a premium cost.

With many types of portable toilets available, you can choose basic or deluxe based on your needs and budget. Don’t forget, for the best experience, look for a reputable company that can properly service the units before, during, and after your event. Clean, well-maintained portable toilets make all the difference!

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