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Exploring Treatment Centers: Road to Recovery From Addiction

People often assume addicts are weak or have some type of character flaw. Sadly, this isn’t the case. Most addicts cannot beat their addiction without help. Willpower alone isn’t enough to get them back on the right track.

When a person uses certain drugs, including some that are prescribed by medical professionals, their brain changes. These changes are what make it difficult to stop using the drug. The person has powerful cravings and getting sober and remaining that way appears to be an impossible task.

Recovery is possible. It won’t be easy, but it can be done. However, many people find they need extensive support. They need to find and contact a treatment center that can provide this support and help them get on the right path. What should a person look for when researching treatment centers?

Determine the Treatment Goals

Many people don’t realize treatment centers vary greatly. A person must know what their treatment goals are and ensure the centers they are considering can be of help to them. The addict may have one or more underlying conditions that contribute to the addiction. If they are aware of these conditions, they need a treatment center that can focus on their overall well-being, not just the addiction. Simultaneous treatment of these co-existing disorders will produce the best results.

Define Success

Next, the addict needs to determine what their idea of success is. Some people prefer to use an inpatient treatment center to detox and begin the road to recovery. Their plan is to then move to an outpatient treatment program where they can continue on their journey. Other people find they will benefit more from a long-term inpatient program, one that may extend for months. They need this extra support if they are going to remain sober after the initial detox period.

Talk with Treatment Providers

Speak with several treatment providers to learn which techniques they use and why they feel these methods are best for patients. One program might use medication-assisted treatment while another facility focuses solely on counseling once the detox period ends. Certain facilities offer initial inpatient treatment and transition patients to an outpatient program offered through the same facility. Another provider might offer inpatient treatment before connecting the addict to support resources once they finish the inpatient portion. The addict must decide what they feel comfortable with and find a facility that offers this treatment path.

Treatments and Therapies

Another thing to consider when comparing treatment options is the therapies offered. For example, one program might incorporate art therapy while a competing program focuses on equine therapy. A person who is terrified of horses would obviously benefit from art therapy rather than equine therapy. If they are forced to spend time around horses, their treatment won’t be as successful because they won’t get the full benefits. Ask about the various therapies offered at each treatment center to see if they are the right fit for the individual in need of treatment.

When the time comes to choose a treatment center, carefully consider all factors. Prioritize each characteristic in order of importance to ensure everyone is on the same page when it comes to the type of center needed. The addict should not make this decision on their own. They need to seek the advice of family, friends, and their medical team for the best results.

It will be challenging to find a center that is perfect in every way. Try to come as close as possible. Those who do so find they see better outcomes and the addict is well on their way to a drug-free future.

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