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Five Reasons Why You Should Have a Home DNA Test

You may have seen commercials or advertisements for them before, but before you run out to grab a home DNA test kit, stop to think about it for a second. Why are they so popular and what can they offer you?

It turns out there are more reasons to partake in an at home DNA test than you may have realized. Here are five reasons in particular why it makes sense to grab one of these ever-popular kits and see how your DNA history looks.

1. Screening for Diseases

As we learn more and more about the human body, it is only natural that we uncover more diseases and ailments. Some of them, as it turns out, are genetic diseases. This means that they are passed down through the generations of our families.

Some of those diseases can be extremely serious such as specific types of cancer. Having a home DNA test done means that you can find out whether or not those genes have been passed down to you. It is a scary thing to have that hanging over your head but you can get a better idea of your genetic health.

2. Establishing Paternity

There are plenty of families out there where the parentage of a father is uncertain. But with a home DNA test kit, it is possible to find out who the father of a child is with relative certainty. It is a great way to provide certainty and clarity.

These home DNA test kits are also valuable for potential child support cases that may be on the horizon. It could mean the difference between obtaining custody of a child or not, giving these DNA test kits an immense sense of importance.

3. Finding Out Ancestry

Without a doubt the most popular reason for taking these at home DNA tests is to find out our genetic history. Many of us have a vague sense of where we come from but what do we really know about our ancestry?

By partaking in an at home DNA test, you can find out with certainty where you and your family come from. Tests can help people determine their origins as far as 1000 years ago, helping to establish a solid family lineage where one may have been previously lacking.

4. Agricultural Purposes

For farmers, there are benefits to at home DNA test kits as well. Certain DNA tests have been able to play a role in the ability to modify crop varieties. It is essential to genetically modify certain types of crops in order to help them enhance a better yield and make them disease-resistant.

Not only that, but DNA testing has been at the centre of making plants more resistant to insects as well as enhancing certain animal breeds. At home DNA tests certainly have a place in the agricultural process.

5. Amateur Forensics

If you have an interest in pursuing a career in forensic sciences, these at-home kits can definitely come in handy as you traverse your educational path. The tests are great at identifying people which makes them great for crime investigations.

DNA from skin, blood, or hair can all be found at potential crime scenes. Using at-home DNA tests to not only gather but analyze the results from those samples can be hugely beneficial in the education process, giving you a leg up on the competition. With enough practice and experience, you can be ready to tackle the criminals and prove your case through accurate and reliable scientific forensic testing. It all starts with a kit.

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