Genius Ways to Make the Most Out of Visa Gift Cards

Perhaps one of the best rewards that you can give yourself or a loved one is a visa gift card. Visa gift cards are akin to a monetary gift because it allows you to make purchases or avail a broad range of products and services. That is, as long as the store where you wish to make a purchase supports the use of this type of gift card.

A visa gift card can be used once or multiple times. It depends on whether your card is reloadable or not. Whether you are eligible to make a one-time purchase or rechargeable funds, there are fun ways you can get the best deals on your card.

Know the restrictions and terms of use for your card.

The most basic detail you need to familiarise is the conditions of use stapled with your gift card. Determine which stores or outlets allow the use of visa gift cards for paying their services and products. If you own a gift card with an open-loop system or feature, then you need to check and compare the payment processes involved when you avail a product online or through a brand’s physical store.

Find affordable activation fees.

Activation fees also differ between digital visa cards and tangible visa cards. Typically, activation fees for digital visa cards are the same. It does not matter whether the card contains a large sum of funds or not. On the other hand, physical visa cards have flexible activation fees because it is dependent on the amount of money contained within the card.

 Use Paypal.

Paypal enables you to exchange your visa gift card for cash. The process is a bit intricate because you need two accounts on Paypal to make it work. Link your visa card on one of the accounts (preferably your own). Then, on your second account, request for a specific amount of money from the first account where your visa card is linked. Make sure that the amount you request matches or falls within the remaining balance in your card. The amount requested can then be sent using the account that contains your card’s details.

Keep track of the credit limit or amount of money you can spend.

Avoid overspending using your visa gift card to prevent the risk of being penalized or shouldering unnecessary and additional fees. Determine the exact amount you can spend with your card and try to spend within your means. Focus on finding the best deals and discounts for products and services that you want to avail of to maximize your card’s balance.

Sell your card.

If you are not fond of spending on material things, then you can choose to sell your gift card instead. Some websites accept listings for different types of gift cards. The only downside to this is your profit may be reduced by an accompanying fee required by the website.

Look for rewards.

A rewards system in visa gift cards allows you to gain a specific cashback percentage for every purchase you make. Some cards make you eligible for discounts on specific brands, provided that you spend a specific amount of money using the gift card. Time your purchase for a visa gift card carefully. Ideally, you want to watch out for upcoming anniversaries or celebrations that can be used as a viable reason for visa gift card providers to offer big discounts and limited deals to their customers.

Think of visa gift cards as a flexible payment option and a gateway to a multitude of added financial rewards. Just remember to use it wisely!

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