Guide To Calculate Diamond

Guide To Calculate Diamond Prices So You Don’t Get Ripped Off

Calculating diamond prices is confusing? Things are tough until you know nothing about the carat, shape, and sizes of diamonds. Once you start learning about them, calculating diamond prices will be easier. To make it even simpler, we come up with the best information that helps you learn what you must consider for calculating the price, summarizing everything in one place.

Marketers sell diamonds per carat, and the price depends on their shapes. We include diamond price per carat here, depending on the carat weight. Since the shape is also a contributing factor for calculating the price, we take the round brilliant cut, which is an expensive diamond shape. To maintain accuracy, we choose the color grade of K or higher and the clarity grade of S12 or higher for preparing the below listed details. Calculating the diamond price before visiting a professional diamond buyer is a major step that protects you from fraud.

It is a general estimation that we bring to you for calculating your diamond price. But, a few important factors can change the calculation, making the price lower or higher from the stated ones. A diamond made of low color and clarity grades will cost you low. but, it will not satisfy your diamond love.

Three major essential steps for buying diamonds:

When you are purchasing a diamond, you cannot ignore the determining factors. sometimes, you will find no difference in the design and appeal between two or more diamond pieces. However, the variation price draws a sharp contracting line between diamonds.

If you have a clear understanding of what you want and what the fair deal is, deciding the right price for your diamonds will not be a difficult task. Follow the below-mentioned steps to make your purchase profitable.


Certification will ensure a proper buy, especially when you spend more than $1,000 for your diamond. The valid certification comes from the GIA and AGS laboratories as they set the real standard in the diamond industry.

The certification will also help you when you sell diamonds to a professional buyer. It will help you get the best accurate value on your jewelry.


You have learned the certification of diamonds, and now you must know how to read the quality standard mentioned in the certificate. Here, the knowledge of 4Cs, Color, Clarity, Cut, and Carat Weight, helps you choose the best quality.

Take color as an example. For an elegant solitaire setting, the preferable option will definitely be J+. but, for the halo setting, you can choose H+.

It is a bit confusing for you to compare all elements for calculating the price of diamonds. If you need any help, you can consult with a professional diamond buyer to clear your basic doubts.

Color grading scales are there, but the differences between them are very hard to define for a common observer. The colorless ā€˜Dā€™ is expensive and is the rarest color grade. The colorless group has three colors ā€“ D, E, and F. the price of diamonds depending on color shows a vast difference, having little optical benefits.


Flawless diamonds are rare and are the most expensive ones, even though all factors are the same. FL designation defines that there are no blemishes caught under 10X magnification. However, 15X or 20X magnification may find some blemishes in FL diamonds. Below FL, 4 clarity grades are there, which are ā€“ IF, VVS1, VVS2, and VS1. The differentiation between these grades is impossible through your naked eyes.


Cuts of diamond add the biggest difference to the beauty and optical appeal. It is also one of the determining factors for your diamond price. The cuts of diamonds follow the traditional philosophy of keeping the maximum weight instead of making it a lighter version. You should not compromise with the cut because it holds the real beauty of the diamond.


Researching the price is an important step, and the best way to do so is to shop around. Check the prices offered by different companies. You can also find online and offline stores for your diamond purchase. Choose a reputed name with a good customer experience to avoid any fake deals. When you are selling your diamonds, visit a professional diamond buyer who can give you the best value.

Market factors are there to determine the price of diamonds. Supply and demands are the two primary aspects to make your diamonds less expensive or more.

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