How to Create a Colorful Living Room: 5 Color Combinations to Consider

You paid a fortune for that painting at the art gallery. You adore it on the wall, but it just hangs there by itself.

What if you could take that painting and find three more that you also love? Then you could hang all four together in your living room to get double the bang for your buck.

How can you combine the best colors for your eyes and your decorating style? Check out these five color combinations to find your favorite color palettes for a colorful living room.

1. Browns, Blacks, Whites, & Greens

To create contrast while also blending colors, painting your walls a light brown or beige will give the room a neutral, warm palette to start with.

Consider adding an accent wall with a darker brown or black hue to add depth and contrast. Then, incorporate some lighter custom colors with white accents, like a couch, light sofa, or armchair. You can also add a splash of color with pillows, glass tableware, area rugs, and throw blankets with green accents that will bring vibrancy to the room.

2. Deep Plum & Mossy Light Green

Creating a colorful living room is a great way to liven up your living space. One of the most attractive and creative color combinations to consider for your living room is Deep Plum and Mossy Light Green.

Deep Plum is a rich and alluring shade of purple that looks great when paired with a lighter shade, like Mossy Light Green. When these two shades are combined, the overall look of your living room will be warm and inviting.

3. Burnt Red & Light Yellow

To create a space that pops, begin with a solid base of burnt red walls and floors to set the stage. Highlight the red with yellow accents, from bright yellow throw pillows and blankets to a light yellow rug to add a dimensional warmth to the room.

If you’re feeling really bold, a statement piece like a yellow armchair in the corner will bring the two colors together perfectly. You could also bring in a variety of yellow hues, like a golden yellow chandelier, to complete the look.

4. Citron and Blue-Black

To create a colorful living room, consider combining citron and blue/black when it comes to choosing a color palette. Citron is a bright, vibrant yellow-green hue that is perfect for brightening up a room, and when paired with a deep, dark navy blue and black, the contrast between the two will bring about an inviting atmosphere.

The yellow-green will help open up the space and give it a cozy, Mediterranean feel. Furthermore, the dark navy blue and black will provide a grounding and calming effect in a living area.

5. Pale Apricot and Blood Orange

This is a great way to make a living room stand out. The two colors look amazing together, and it won’t be too overwhelming in the room.

Start off by painting the walls with the pale apricot color for a light look. To add more dimension, use the blood orange on a feature wall or an accent wall. For furniture, white and wood tones are perfect to pair with the blood orange and pale apricot.

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All About a Colorful Living Room

Overall, creating a colorful living room is a fun and simple way to make your living space more vibrant. To get inspired, consider using one of the five beautiful color wheel ideas mentioned in this article.

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