how to find an old friend

How to find an old friend just by the first name

Searching for someone online with no information to work with, other than a first name, can be very frustrating. We have all been there before, whether it be a former classmate that we wish to reconnect with, or a new acquaintance, whom we wish to reach out and connect via social media.

It is exceedingly difficult to find a person online without the knowledge of their full name. It is, however, not an impossible task. All you need is other information about the person, as where they work, where they live, and so on. Such extra information allows the search engine to eliminate prospects and present an array of results that you can work with.

Radaris company allows you to find people by first name, and highlights that without knowing much it’s possible to use social media for getting some details of your old friend. By using social media, you can be more specific with your details by inputting connections that you have in common with the person. For example, you can input the genre of music that you both love. Let us take an in-depth look into how to find an old friend just by the first name.

Search Engines

Search engines like Google have made life easier, providing answers to almost all questions that you can think to ask. And while you may know that you can search for people’s contacts through search engines like Google. I am sure that you have tried unsuccessfully to search for an old friend whom you can’t recall the last name.

Searching for a contact can be especially difficult if the person’s name is not common. Of course, if the contact is a popular person then the name will not be an issue if it is uncommon. However, all you need to search for a person’s contact with search engines is to provide other information about the person like where they work or where they live. You can combine this information and as a result, increase your chances of finding the person.

For example, if you wish to find someone named Chris who works at First City bank of “imaginary town”, then you should type Chris First City bank of “imaginary town”. If you type this information into the search bar of the search engine, you should get results of an employee listing or the website of the career you wrote. You can also add other information like the person’s educational history, hometown, or hobbies. And by crafting search information together, you create a search string that brings up the person you seek.

Facebook and other social media

Facebook is one of several social media that allows you to search for people by their first name. One thing you can use to search for people on social media like Facebook is to search for people or friends that you have in common. Also by searching for their first name alone on Facebook you will most likely get results that contain the name of such a person since you have friends in common.

You can also streamline the search by adding filter options like where the person lives, works, or went to school. Other social media also offer the same search tools and options. Each social media platform has its distinguishing quality. For example, LinkedIn is more career-oriented, however, it still offers an excellent platform to search and connect with people.

Some social media also allow you to upload information like email contacts into the search engine on the site, which you can use to search for the person’s phone number.

The more information, the better

It becomes much easier to search for someone when you have more than just their first name. Adding information like the address, last name, or even phone number makes the task dramatically easier.

There are also people search tools that allow you to locate people if you provide their full name in a particular geographical area. You can also look for a particular phone number using reverse phone lookup.

Sometimes searching for the person may not be straightforward. Your first few searches may not provide the results you seek, however, such searches may provide information that you can use to make subsequent searches until you get the information you want.

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