Items Of Make-Up That You Won’t Want to Be Without

For those that choose to wear make-up, it can be serious business and although there are probably a million reasons as to why somebody might want to wear it, most people have one common goal in mind. The majority of make-up wearers are knowingly, or unknowingly self-conscious to various degrees, whether it be that they just want to make themselves look a little different, or that they aren’t comfortable with the way that they look. Regardless of the level of their self-consciousness, they tend to all have the same goal in mind… making them feel better about themselves.

Application and actually ‘pulling it off’

No matter the reasons, or the purpose of the make-up application, nearly all manufacturer makeup application processes tend to follow the same ‘blueprint’, using the essentials, in order, to form the basis of their efforts. Although each person has their own personal way of applying their chosen make-up, the essentials usually need to be applied in a particular order so that they can be as effective as the designer intended.

Never be without

  1. Primer – Primer doesn’t get the attention that it should deserve with many people overlooking it and going straight for the foundation. Whilst this does the job in most cases, it doesn’t quite look as good without primer. Primer helps to smooth the skin, making a much clearer, smoother base for the foundation application.
  2. Foundation – As the name suggests, a good foundation is the layer of application that helps to keep everything else in place, it forms the second layer of a solid makeup application process. And, done properly, will really make the following items look their very best!
  3. Concealer – A must-have for those who are knowingly self-conscious, or simply have a little something that they’d rather others didn’t see, a quality concealer can help to hide anything from scars to blemishes on the skin, nearly as well as the right Facebook filter.
  4. Bronzer – Bronzer is designed to help add colour or shine, it can come in either a powder or a liquid form too so, the choice is yours
  5. A neutral eye shadow – With a neutral eye shadow you can achieve a warmer look for your eyes and, although the effect can be subtle, a heavier application can provide a more prominent effect.
  6. Eyeliner – Usually found in the form of a pencil, if used as intended, eyeliner can help to enhance the outline of your eyes, encouraging people to be drawn to the natural beauty in your eyes.
  7. Mascara – Designed for your eyelashes, whether you have modest, or lusciously long lashes, mascara can help to separate the hairs and define them at the same time!
  8. Setting spray – As you might imagine, setting spray helps to set the applied makeup and to help protect it against the elements, bringing added value to your efforts and making them last longer

Your Choice Matters

The makeup that you choose to purchase can make a big difference, generally speaking, better quality products will last longer and, as a rule of thumb, try not to go over the top!  Apply a little and add more if needed, it’s always easier to add a little more than it is to remove and start all over again.

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