Memes are the New Source of News – Let’s Delve into it

Who could’ve known that those funny pictures you’d see on your Facebook feed every day would now be the source of news and political commentary for millions?

I’m talking about memes. Yes, those memes. You know exactly what I’m talking about: “This is Sparta,” Running Man, Bad Luck Brian, etc.

Memes have become a new way for people to get information and share their opinions; millions of people love them because they can be funnier than most news sources today. We no longer need the New York Times or Fox News to tell us what happens in our world; we have meme websites such as 9GAG, Reddit, etc.… to do it for us. But instead of sharing fun things, many individuals see memes as a way of expressing their views on current events.

A new form of entertainment was created, one that can be called progressive journalism. Memes are not always funny; they’re also extremely informative; who would’ve known? When you look at memes, it’s like looking at unedited news articles all over social media, which is precisely what it is.   

And now that everyone and anyone has access to the Internet by just picking up a smartphone, we can now send out messages much faster than ever before, and this is exactly what we’re doing; we are sending out messages through memes, and there’s no stopping them or us.

I myself am a meme addict; I can spend hours browsing through memes. Memes are also more effective than most forms of social media today because they allow us to share our messages on the Internet with millions of people at once. According to statistics, more than 100 million links are shared daily on Facebook alone.

But there’s one thing about memes that bothers me quite; frankly, it’s ridiculous how many individuals are using them as their own personal soapboxes for sharing their views on politics and other subjects. Politicians use them too, but that is just another story for another time. Check out Meme Scout for some fabulous memes.

Like any other new technology or form of organizational behavior, this meme phenomenon has benefits and drawbacks. One may say that memes have become the new source of news for most people today. On the other hand, memes can also be offensive, and in some cases, it is even used as a mean to harass others online…

Children are using this form of expression at an early age, which may help teach them how to express themselves. But there is still one question on my mind will memes ever become outdated? One thing I know for sure is they don’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon.

In the future, I wonder if memes will be as popular as it is now or will they slowly become a thing of the past? For now, memes are going strong, and there’s no stopping them.

Well, that’s all for this article, thank you for reading. This turned out to be a lot longer than expected, but at least there was some good stuff in there, right?

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