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PDF Bear Online Tool: A Multi-purpose Converter You Shouldn’t Miss

Several people always say that they’re facing a lot of troubles every time they try to convert their documents to PDF, but for those lucky individuals who were born in the digital era, converting is just a piece of cake for them; for them, that task isn’t difficult once you found a tool that really suits your taste. And perhaps, that’s the thing you’ve been missing the whole time.

Having a reliable converter with us is like winning a grand prize, Buddy. If you’re still hunting a tool that is worth all the money, PDF Bear must be the one for you; this converter enables you to tweak any of your files within just a second, and there are lots of benefits you can grasp once you have it. This tool is owned by Mega cloud Limited; this is legal, so there’s nothing to be afraid of, Buddy!

Since you already know the background details of our PDF Bear, let’s now drop the advantages it offers to all the users. Stay here with me until the end, Pal, you’ll be surprised and addicted to this tool once you give it a try.

It’s an All-around Converter

There are converters out there that are made for a single purpose only, but PDF Bear is an all-around converter; this is peculiar among the converters you found on the Internet since it’s made for all purposes. Changing HTML to PDF, PPT to PDF, Word, to PDF, name all the formats you want to convert, the PDF Bear will cater all the papers on time!

Besides converting documents to other formats, PDF Bear can also delete pages, merge PDF, and extract pages from PDF; it’s an all-around converter indeed! For instance, you may extract or split pages without any hitch by following the process, Buddy!

Firstly, you need to choose a file by clicking the Select Files button or drag a PDF file you want to extract. After choosing a file, choose the pages you want to extract or split from the original file. Once you’re done selecting the desired pages, refine it by clicking the pages you chose and then export it into a single PDF. And for the final step, download the file now.

It’s a Safe and Trusted Tool

One thing you need to consider when finding a trusted tool is how that chosen tool managed its user’s safety and privacy. The good thing about our PDF Bear online tool is, it automatically removes all the files you’ve pasted and copied on their website an hour later from the beginning of your transaction.

Subscribing to Premium Version Unlocks a Lot of Features

Becoming a PRO member of any tool unlocks many features, so let’s now start investing our money in a tool that we find beneficial to us. One good reason you need to become a PRO member of PDF Bear is its offered features! You can do endless tasks, have an unlimited number of OCR tasks, have maximum documents per task, have a huge document file size per task, no more advertisements, plus unlimited space for your supporting documents.

There’s more, Buddy! You’re also allowed to compress any file you want. The Compression feature of PDF Bear has two ways: Medium Compression and Strong Compression, but rest assured that these choices are all helpful and beneficial to you.

PDF Bear is a Friendly Converter

Finding a friendly tool should be one of the things you need to put into consideration. The food news is, PDF Bear embodies the friendly vibe; it can be used by any platforms like Windows, Linux, and even Mac, Pal! So good, isn’t it?


Finding a multipurpose converter is not a joke, Buddy, it takes a lot of time to get such a great tool, but since PDF Bear passed and encompasses the things you want for a specific converter, keep it with you until the end, Pal! You have nothing to fear when it comes to hundreds of documents that need to be converted because the PDF Bear will be with you for the whole time.

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