Used IBC Totes for Industrial Storage

Reasons to Buy Used IBC Totes for Industrial Storage

Intermediate Bulk Containers or IBCs are storage containers used for transporting and storing a wide variety of materials. From industrial-grade liquids to water, food, detergents, chemicals, and solvents, IBCs can store even toxic substances safely, thanks to their build.

Rather than investing in brand-new totes, buying used IBC totes for industrial storage can have many benefits. So, what makes IBCs a leading choice for industrial-grade storage?

Withstands Heavy Usage

High-quality used IBC containers are made of materials like stainless steel and plastic, which can withstand heavy usage and ensure the safety of stored products.

Industrial-grade totes are manufactured to hold different forms of liquid, including toxic materials. It includes oils, gases, hydraulic fluids, solvents, and gases.

Used IBCs are so sturdy that even companies handling construction materials can use the totes for storing washing solutions and equipment pieces without much hassle. When it comes to the automotive business, the companies can use the totes for storing paint, oil, and fuel safely without the risk of dangerous fumes seeping out.

So, be it any industry and any kind of goods, IBC totes make storage easier. 

Ease of Transport and Movement

All used IBC totes have a sturdy pallet attached to the bottom. The pallet makes it easy to hold all the tanks together during shipments.

Compared to forklifts which were traditionally used for moving around shipments in industrial storage units, using IBC totes is far more efficient.

Instead of focusing on the tanks, the employees can concentrate more on handling the dangerous liquids with care. On the whole, with used IBC totes in hand, you can effortlessly move around shipments without the fear of damage.

Handles Liquids in A Better Way

There is no better way to handle liquids than storing them in used IBC totes. The totes usually come with a nozzle attached to them, enabling you to dispense liquid quickly and easily.

As the nozzles are user-friendly, you can operate them when required without going to drastic lengths. Used IBC tanks give much better control for handling liquids.

Especially while storing flammable and dangerous liquids, even a minor mishap can cause damage to the employees and facility. With IBCs, you can store, transport, and preserve the liquids by controlling their flow while in use.

Used IBC Totes Helps Cut Costs

Industrial storage facilities can often be an expensive affair. One way to reduce the expenditure while sticking to high-quality products is investing in used IBCs.

As used IBCs usually have a large holding capacity, you can effectively use them for storing large amounts of shipments.

If you buy used IBC totes once, you won’t need to invest in new containers over time. All you should do is, reuse the same tote after cleaning it inside out. This way, you can cut down storage costs and increase space efficiency as well.

As you now know the benefits of buying used IBC totes, it is time for you to look for a trustworthy seller you can rely on. Check if the seller’s products meet the standards and requirements laid by the Department of Transportation. If yes, then give them a call soon to discuss the used IBC totes available with them.

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