Some Tips to Reduce Office Energy Costs

Some Tips to Reduce Office Energy Costs

Conserving energy is very important for all of us. Either is a home or office, we should aim to reduce energy costs in daily routine life. Office workplaces should aim to save electricity in their compound. It will help them to save money as well. 

Nowadays everything which we used regularly is connected to electricity. We cannot calculate how much electricity we use on daily basis. That’s why many times we forgot, how much electricity we are wasting as well. We forgot about turning things off, and we do not pay attention to buy energy-saving equipment for our workplace.

We need to reduce office energy costs for long term benefits. Here we are sharing some tips to reduce office energy costs for the future. 

The lighting of the office area 

We all know very well that we pay an electricity bill for our office is for lighting. Survey says many offices leave their lights on overnight and at weekends also. Hence, you can imagine how much electricity and money is being unnecessarily wasted. You can easily reduce office energy costs by switching off the lights before leaving the office. If you want to save more energy than you can follow the below ideas also.

  • You can use LED lights for your office. They are an electricity saver and provide a nice look also. Plus, offices should utilize natural lights as much as possible. LED bulbs and lights last up to 2.5 percent longer than CFL bulbs. 
  • Keep all office lights clean and dust-free. Dust can block the light. So, keep them clean.
  • Use natural lights in your office as much as possible. Arrange the desks near windows. Then you do not need artificial lights during the day time. 
  • Make a habit to turn off the lights when you leave a room. By this, you can reduce office energy costs without any hurdles.

Air conditioning

we need a lot of energy to keep our office place cool or hot. We spend a large amount of energy on these types of equipment. If offices can find energy-saving methods for keeping their building cool or warm, should use them without any delay. Do you know you can save 10% on your yearly bill by keeping the thermostat down by just 1degree c.? Some more tips to save electricity on air conditions.

  • You should keep close all the windows and doors to keep them cool or warm. By this, cooling or heating does not escape from the room. 
  • Maintain the temperature between 21-24-degree c. as this is the comfortable room temperature. 
  • Told your staff to dress accordingly to the season. Wear warm clothes in winters and light clothes in summers. You do not need to keep your office space to be heated or cool excessively if they dress according to the season. 
  • You can use an energy management system to reduce office energy costs. Set timers for air conditions, program them to turn on and off ahead of time before your staff comes and goes. 
  • Check the leakage of cooling or heating in the office area. Install weather strips on doors and windows. It will help to keep the room at a stable temperature. 

Office gadgets

In your office, people use PCs, printers, phones, display screens, coffee machines, water filters, and much more equipment which uses electricity a lot. So much electricity may be wasted on all this equipment. You can reduce office energy costs on equipment as well with some tips. 

  • You need to set computers into sleep mode when they are not in use. But shut them down fully when you have done your work. 
  • Set all equipment on energy-saving modes.
  • Use the printer only when you need a hard copy of any document. You can refer to a digital version if anybody needs a copy or you can send emails.
  • Buy energy-efficient models for your office to reduce office energy costs. Check high energy rating while purchasing the equipment. 
  • Replace your old air conditions and heaters if they are not working properly. They can draw unnecessary power, which may increase your electricity bill.
  • To get a lower electricity bill you need to be careful with your home appliances. You can try prepaid electricity plans from electric companies on the HomeEnergyClub website.

Office kitchen

In the offices, kettles and coffee makers can easily be wasted if you do not pay attention to them. As they run on electricity, hence use them also wisely. Do not overfill the kettle, because it will use an unnecessary amount of electricity to boil the water. Use them carefully. 

By focusing on these things in your office you can easily reduce office energy costs for sure. 

Save electricity!!

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