Things to Do in New Zealand Based on Your Personality

New Zealand is a top tourist destination that offers some of the most spectacular landscapes and views. It may be a small island, but it surely packs a punch. Regardless of your travel personality or preference, you’re sure to find something to do and somewhere to go while in the country. From hiking different mountains to having lazy days by the beaches, New Zealand has much to offer for every visitor.

With such diverse attractions and sights, it can feel overwhelming trying to think of your itinerary. As such, here is a list of things to do in the country based on your personality. First, consider getting an NZ sim card along the way, so you can always have access to WiFi to help you navigate streets or surf the net. With the perfect itinerary, you can create lasting memories and have some of the best experiences.

Movie Fanatic: Visit Movie Sets

Movie fans out there will never pass up the opportunity to visit actual film locations, so if you ever visit New Zealand, these places should be at the top of your list. Make sure to stop by the iconic Hobbiton in Matamata, so you can witness the land of the hobbits firsthand and turn your movie experience into reality. You can also visit Cathedral Cove, the beautiful beach that served as a backdrop for Prince Caspian in the Narnia series.

Coffee-Lovers: Cafe Hopping at Wellington

If you’re a self-proclaimed coffee lover, you would certainly enjoy hopping from one cafe to another to try different brews. When in New Zealand, there can be no better place to do this than in the country’s capital, Wellington. This city is recognised as one of the top coffee spots since it has some of the most delicious coffee in the world.

If you ever stop by Wellington, make sure to get a cup of flat white since this is known to be one of the city’s specialties. Additionally, if you get yourself an NZ sim card, you can easily search for the nearest cafes while on the road.

Adventurers at Heart: Canyoning and Kite Landboarding

Looking for some thrill or heart-stopping adventures? If yes, you can go canyoning–a combination of hiking, climbing, and abseiling–to explore hidden beauties in different water bodies. Summer is usually the perfect time to enjoy this activity since the weather is more predictable and suitable for outdoor activities.

Another fun activity you can try is kiteboarding, which allows you to enjoy the ocean and beach waters without having to swim. As its name suggests, you strap your feet to a board, hold on to a kite, and let the wind propel you forward.

Nature Lover: Meet the Native Wildlife

If you’re less inclined to heart-racing adventures and prefer meditative activities that involve nature, then spend your time meeting New Zealand’s native wildlife. Indeed, the country can bring a smile to any nature lover’s face because of the many species you can find here. You can go hiking in forests to meet some of the country’s native birds or go sailing in the waters to see some marine animals. No matter what your personality may be, New Zealand has something to offer. As such, it is no surprise that millions of tourists visit the country every year, and many continue to come back after their first trip. Whether you’re the type who enjoys outdoor activities with a bit of adventure or someone who prefers solidarity and serenity, you will find something to do in New Zealand, so what are you waiting for?

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