Timeless Dresses: Inspiration for the Mother of the Groom

When preparing for a wedding, it’s normal for most of the attention to go to find the perfect dresses for brides and bridesmaids. However, that shouldn’t mean that proud mothers should be left out. With a little work and inspiration, the mother of the groom can find a timeless dress that will leave her looking beautiful and elegant without creating too much of a matronly appearance.

Every woman has a personal style, but it’s also important to choose a dress that is appropriate to the occasion. Read on to find some inspiration that will make it easier to find the perfect dress for the mother of the groom.

Keeping Classy

For women who love a look with timeless appeal, single-color dresses with metallic appliques or embroidery are always a good option. Long hems and full skirts create an elegant look that’s appropriate for any season. Just be sure to choose a color that complements the wedding’s color scheme or theme.

Floral Patterns

Not everyone likes monochrome dresses and appliques, and that’s perfectly fine. A good alternative for spring and summer weddings is a light, floral design. Floral prints can be combined with sheer overlays, traditional styles, or thoroughly modern designs, giving mothers of the groom plenty of options for expressing personal style.

Tea-Length Skirts

Some women love full, long skirts, which are very common for formal occasions. That said, these days, there’s a growing trend toward mothers of the groom choosing tea-length skirts in various styles rather than longer options. As a result, there are now fine dresses available in all sorts of styles that offer a little extra freedom of movement by featuring shorter hemlines.

Sequins, Beadwork, and Lace

For women who love some extra attention, sequins, beadwork, and lace will never go out of style. Glamorous dresses that feature embroidered bodices, sequin details, lace illusion necklines, or mock jackets look amazing on the dance floor but don’t take attention away from the bride and groom, who should always be the stars of the show.

Cascade Ruffles

Mothers of the groom who want to add a touch of elegance but don’t like the showiness of sequins, beadwork, and lace can find the perfect middle-ground with monochrome matte dresses that feature cascade ruffles. This popular skirt style can be combined with empire waists, hip embellishments, and other extra touches to create a unique look that’s perfect for any style.

Jacket Dresses

Not all dresses for mothers of the groom are actual, single-piece dresses. Some women prefer outfits that combine sleeveless tops, skirts, and embellished jackets for maximum comfort and versatility. In unpredictable climates, there’s no better way to make sure all the bases are covered than to combine a full-length or three-quarter-length jacket with a longer skirt of any style.

Plus-Sized Dresses

These days, it’s easier than ever to find amazing and elegant plus-sized options. Try pairing earthy colors with luxurious velvet, combining sequined jackets with clean dress designs, or opting for a form-fitting and flattering dress that creates a stunning silhouette. As long as mothers of the groom buy their plus-sized dresses from serious retailers, they will never have to sacrifice style.

The Importance of Quality

A son’s wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event, so the mother of the groom deserves to look her best. She should take the time to investigate options and choose a dress that will perfectly complement her style as well as the wedding’s color palette and overall theme.

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