Top 4 Mistakes You Must Avoid When Filing Truck Accident Claims in Georgia

When you are involved in a truck accident, your injuries might be severe and can even lead to death. Due to the size of the commercial trucks, the accidents caused are often fatal, and most surviving loved ones end up filing for wrongful death. When involved in a truck accident, most people often don’t know what to do, and they end up getting financial constraints due to medical bills and being unable to work again.

However, you don’t have to suffer the loss alone; you can file a claim and get compensated for the loss. You need to consider contacting an Albany, GA Truck accident attorney to help you in the filing of the claim, as the truck accident is more complex than a typical car accident. Most people make many mistakes from the time of the Accident, making them lose when filing for compensation. This article will explore mistakes you must avoid when filing truck accident claims in Georgia.

Failure to Speak with An Experienced Tuck Lawyer

One of the greatest mistakes you can make after a truck accident is failing to hire an experienced truck lawyer. A good lawyer helps ensure you have a good representation in court and enables you to gather information. Most people hire attorneys without researching them and end up having unqualified or inexperienced lawyers. A good lawyer will aid you in navigating the process and guide you to avoid making any mistake that could affect your claim.

Failure to Get Medical Care

When involved in a truck accident, most people suffer catastrophic injuries requiring medical attention. However, most people suffer mild injuries and may delay seeking medical attention. Delaying to get treatment or failing to go for treatment can decrease the value of your injury claim. If you are involved in a truck accident, you must seek medical care as soon as possible and ensure you follow the doctors’ recommendations.

Additionally, provide the doctors writes a report about your Accident, the injuries, and the treatment. Further, ensure you follow all the doctor’s recommendations before pursuing the personal injury claim. The doctors’ report can later be used as evidence about your Accident and help calculate the compensation.

Failure to File a Police Report

Immediately after the Accident, you must dial 911 or ask someone to call for you if you cannot do. The Georgia state patrol will be dispatched to the accident scene and will take a report about every that happened. This report will include the truck, the driver, and the injuries. Failure to have this report can lead to a lack of compensation by the insurance company.

Posting the Accident on SocialMedia

Ther social media is an open place without privacy. Posting things about the Accident can be taken out of context and lead to reduced or no compensation. If you comment on a relative that you are fine, it can downplay your actual injuries. If you claim any damage, such as severe headache, the insurance company can provide your comment as evidence.

Wrapping Up:

The above are common mistakes that most people make when filing a claim and get no compensation. Ensure you talk to an experienced lawyer to help you file a claim so you can get compensated for all your loss.

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