Top 5 lakes in Australia that will increase your love of nature:

If you are in search of peaceful beaches, beautiful reefs and amazing wildlife, Australia is the best place to visit. However, many people don’t know that Australia is amazingly replete with beautiful water bodies that can leave you awestruck for a while. The sight of sunshine falling on the stagnant water of Australian lakes is mesmerizing

Here are 5 lakes that you must visit whenever you are in Australia for tourism:

1. Lake Alexandria:

Lake Alexandria is one of the famous lakes in Australia. It is a freshwater lake where you can go boating and enjoy seeing turtles roaming around in the tranquil freshwater. Lake Alexandria is an amazing sign of nature that will bring you close to nature with its tranquility. If you need inner peace, sit on the bank of lake Alexandria and enjoy.

2. Lake Eacham:

Lake Eacham has been added to the world heritage list of Wet Tropics. It has a lot of significance in Australia due to tourism. Boating, swimming, and bird watching are some fun activities here. If you are in Queensland and want to enjoy seeing rainbow fish, you must visit this place for boating purposes. You can register your boat and enjoy the proximity of lake water So, for   boat registration in QLD Australia.

3. Lake Hillier:

Western Australia has a natural asset of lake Hillier that is a pink lake rich in different species of fish. Lake Hillier is a true sign of nature and those who want to enjoy nature and see the fascinations of nature can visit Lake Hillier. There, you will also be able to see the wildlife of Australia including Kangaroo.

4. Lake Amadeus:

Lake Amadeus, with its glaring salt crust on its surface is one of the most visited water bodies in Australia. Its brilliant white surface looks so beautiful due to the tons of salt deposits in it. You can also find small, multiple islands in it with hard plants. If you want to have a view of an oasis in the landscape of Australia, Lake Amadeus is a must visit place. The best way to reach here is by air.

5. Lake Argyle:

Lake Argyle is another amazing lake located in the Western Australia. This water body holds 10.7 cubic kilometers of water and comprises the scenery that is matchless. In order to get an adrenaline rush, book a cruise that will make you go close to the wildlife of water such as crocodiles. For tourist, this lake is an amazing spot to visit and have picnic at because of the diversity it brings.

6. Lake Eyre:

Lake Eyre is well-known because it is associated with the biggest draining system of Australia. The surface of salt looks like a desert and when it shines under the sun, it leaves everyone amazed. Lake Eyre generally contains no water. However, infrequent rains bring this area of water to life. The amazing fact regarding this water body is that it has been filled with water only three times to its full capacity.

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