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Understanding the Average Cost of Boarding School

Have you considered sending your child to boarding school? This is a great decision as many famous and successful people came out of boarding schools.

But you might be worried about the cost of boarding school. This type of schooling is often seen as a luxury that the average person can’t afford. But you might be able to save up for sending your children to boarding school.

This short guide will help you understand how much does boarding school cost on average. You can then determine if it can fit your budget.

Here’s what you need to know:

Basic Cost of Boarding School

First, you want to understand the cost factors that add to the price tag of a boarding school.

This is what you have to expect from the boarding school cost:

  • Cost of room and board
  • Cost of textbooks and school supplies
  • Cost of uniforms
  • Cost of meals
  • Fees for student services
  • The required deposit for each student
  • Health insurance
  • Field trip or weekend trip costs

These are the basic costs that you’ll have to expect with most boarding schools. You want to first check if you can afford these costs each term. If you can’t meet this base amount, you might have to wait a bit longer to send your child to boarding school.

Cost Factors

Next, let’s look into a few of the factors that influence the boarding school cost. These include:

  • Location
  • Grade levels
  • 5-day or 7-day boarding
  • Curriculum options
  • Availability of extra-curricular activities

These are the main factors that can hike up the price of a boarding school. For most parents, the extra costs are worth it for the additional options and services.

You can also expect the prices to be high if you choose a prestigious boarding school. You can look at more info on Swiss boarding schools that are among the best in the world.

Boarding School Financial Aid

Luckily, you don’t always have to break your bank when you consider sending your children to boarding school. There are always options for boarding school financial aid.

These financial aid options can give you loans or grants to help you finance your child’s education at boarding schools.

These are few and far between and are often selective. As such, you want to apply for financial aid as soon as possible. You’ll also have to present your child’s grades and extra-curricular activities to see if they qualify.

Many financial aid options will cover the basics of boarding school. You’ll likely have to pay for any additional costs. There might be situations where financial aid will only cover a portion of the costs.

Find Your Boarding School

Now that you know how to determine the cost of boarding school, you can see if this is a feasible option for your children.

You have to first look at the basic costs which include tuition fees, housing, meals, etc. Make sure you can cover this basic cost before looking any further.

Afterward, you can look at the additional factors that can hike up the price. If you struggle with paying for the boarding school, there are boarding school financial aid options available.

You can read more about boarding school options on our blog!

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