Unleashing the Trendiness: Modern Styling Ideas for Kanjivaram Silk Sarees

Sarees are the epitome of elegance and grace. This is true because a saree is versatile and fits every occasion. From formal to casual to party to traditional, you can pull off every occasion wearing sarees. If your love for sarees knows no bounds, you must amp up your traditional look with sarees from all the states of India.

But if there’s one particular saree which can out beat every other kind is the silk saree. These sarees are a wedding favourite because most South Indian brides prefer to wear Kanjivaram silk saree on their big day. These sarees have existed since the beginning, but now they are evolving rapidly with the growing trend. If you think these sarees are mainly suited only for the older generations, you need to check out the growing demand for them among the younger generations.

The latest designs, trendy prints and distinctive weave make this saree a top choice among women. If you have a couple of weddings this year, invest in a Kanjivaram silk saree. You don’t have to worry about running the look dry with just one saree because you can style it differently. This will help keep your look fresh for every occasion.

Check out these amazing ways you can style your Kanjivaram silk saree to keep renewing your ethnic look.

1.Designer blouses

Fine if you want to wear the blouse that comes with the saree. But if you’re going to try a fresh new look for another wedding, we suggest you invest in a designer blouse from top fashion designers in india. The best part about having a different blouse is that you can create a contrast in your look. Embroidered blouses will add a whole new statement to your look. Have fun with the neckline and play with the sleeves, such as opting for ruffled or fluffy detailing.

2. Amp up your jewellery game

 Traditional jewellery suits your ethnic look. Nothing can beat your traditional gold jewellery that can be paired with your Kanjivaram silks. But if you want to amp up your styling routine, you can switch to trendy jewellery, such as choker necklaces, instead of long ones. A gold kamarbandh to cinch your waist will give you a stylish look, and let’s not forget how beautiful you will look wearing a matching matha patti.

3.Wear a veil

Even if you’re not a bride, you can wear a veil with your Kanjivaram sarees. A sheer cover made from a net with delicate embroidery work all over it will perfectly match your ethnic look. A veil will add a distinctive factor to your entire look.

4.Drape it differently

 Instead of wearing your saree in a regular manner, you can change the draping technique to something more stylish such as wearing the saree in the lehenga style. The flare created by this draping style will get you Instagram-ready, so don’t forget to twirl while clicking pictures!

These are the best ways to style your Kanjivaram silk saree for a unique approach.

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