Blocked Drains

Why Your Blocked Drains Need to Get Solved ASAP

Sydney, Australia, is a great city to live in. It’s been frequently featured as one of the most livable cities in the world. The metropolis is a hub of arts, culture, and economy so there’s no shortage of activities where you can immerse yourself in. Its great location, coupled with excellent weather, also makes it a fun place to relax and enjoy living.

However, blocked drains in Sydney can ruin that idyllic life. Everyone experiences pipe problems at one point or another, and you’re probably no exception. A drain gets clogged, and you’re panicking about a pipe bursting. It is a possibility, and worse things can follow that initial problem. It’s a stressful position to find yourself in.

You always want your house clean and healthy. That’s why you regularly sweep floors, wipe surfaces, and wash your linens. It’s a weekly or monthly ritual. But you often forget about the things that aren’t visible, like your drains.

Dirt, food scraps, grease, and unknown objects can accumulate over time inside your drains. Without regular maintenance, it can lead to blockages, leaks, and other damages. Aside from possible structural damage to your home, this can lead to increased risks to your health.

Common Reasons for Blocked Drains

The most common reason plumbers find are foreign materials that find their way into drains and pipes. Soap, hair, food, and other uncommon stuff can build up inside, preventing water flow. One of the greatest mistakes people do is pour hot fat or oil into their drains. The fat/oil hardens and sets inside your drains as it cools, contributing to less efficient water flow.

Broken pipes can also be a cause. Holes in pipes can let in outside debris, including leaves and live tree roots, restricting airflow and increasing pipe damage over time as they worm their way inside. The ground shifts around too. Pipes can get moved or bent out of line. Worse, they get pushed upwards. Water is mainly dependent on gravity to move through pipes, and misaligned piping affects gravity’s influence on your wastewater.

Though rare, defective workmanship also causes blocked drains in Sydney houses. This can be from incorrect pipe layouts, or choosing the wrong pipe size and drain types. To prevent this, always ask to see your plumber’s credentials and samples of their work.

Health Risks Associated with Blocked Drains

Prolonged drain blockage exacerbates your already existing health conditions. The stagnant water develops additional bacteria and other microbes that can affect those with asthma or other chronic health issues, possibly causing more attacks.

Stagnant water also emits musty, unpleasant odours that can seep into your home. Carpets, upholstery and drapes are highly susceptible to these. If the bad smell sticks around too long, you could develop symptoms of nausea and headaches.

They could also attract mould and pests that are prone to carry germs and disease into your home. Clogged drains create a damp atmosphere in your home and are a perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes and other insects.

Conduct regular checks on your plumbing system to detect anything that might be wrong. Once bad plumbing symptoms (slow drainage, leaks, unidentifiable odours) show up, contact a professional right away. Blocked drains tend to worsen over time and can lead to more costly repairs.

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