5 Best Games to Help You Bond Better with Your Family

The pandemic has brought all the family members together under a single roof. We spend most of the time with our families these days. But, the emerging trend of ‘working from home’ has also led to the escalation of stress. Working during and beyond office hours has become mandatory for professionals giving birth to internal friction between the family members. Moreover, being indoors all the time leads to a monotonous environment leading to more stress. 

Due to these overwhelming situations, family members are falling apart causing more attrition. To bond better with all, download excellent family gaming apps to play together and make family time more fun. These games belong to different genres to look into.

In this regard, you need to choose the best family gaming apps with multiplayer options to play with your family members. Consider the diverse ages of all members you can include and find the best gaming apps suitable to play and bond with your family.

5 Top Best Games You Can Prefer

Word making games

One of the best game applications you can download and play with your family members is word-making. This game is quite popular among modern families and is available in app stores. Children and adults can play together to have cumulative fun. This game is similar to the board games where letter tiles are used to make words.

The more you can cover on the board with such tiles and make words, the higher you can score. This is a multiplayer game available for Android and iOS smartphones and tablets. Players can individually use their smart devices to log in and start playing, making a team under the same roof. Playing this game will increase the vocabulary power of kids and adults and will literally help in real-world applications. In fact, you can invite and include relatives and friends from different locations to play this game.

Bubble Shooter

Bubble shooter is an excellent genre of mobile arcade games with very interactive interfaces that children and adults love. In this game, you will find a pile of colored bubbles coming down from the top margin of the screen. You will wield a shooter throwing one color bubble at a time to pop the same-colored bubbles.

This is not a multiplayer game, but players can take turns to score more and dominate the team. If you can pop more bubbles, your score will soar. There are various difficulty levels to cross. Adults can guide kids to play and bond well. Kids will love the audiovisual interface making funny sounds and special effects every time the bubbles are popped. Imagine how fun you can have with your family by just popping colorful bubbles and completing every level. You can easily find and download bubble shooter in the respective app store on your smartphone.


One of the most popular card games you can play online with your friends is rummy. There are different types of rummy you can play with your friends and family. It is a brilliant game you can play with 2 to 6 players at a time. All the cards are stacked, shuffled, and a limited number of cards are distributed to each player.

The players will then attempt to make a series of cards of similar colors and shapes or make sets of the same card numbers of different shapes. When a set of 3 or more is complete, you can put them down on the table. The player who can empty his hands by creating such sets will win. 

Download rummy and start playing with your friends. You will easily understand the rules and can explain them to your peers. The online rummy apps provide a platform to connect players from any corner of the world. Hence, you can connect with your family, friends, peers, and colleagues across the world to bond well.


A fascinating board game, monopoly can be found in the digital format in the app stores. This game can include many players considering the configuration of the gaming app you have chosen to install. The rules are similar to that of the original version.

It is all about landing on the different sections on the board that is named with cities, infrastructure, metropolitan facilities, etc. You can buy them with the false cash distributed at the beginning of the game. A dice is provided to roll and proceed on the blocks. 

Whenever a player lands on the occupied blocks, he will have to pay the owner the fixated rent. This is how the game continues until all leaving one player to become bankrupt. This multiplayer game offers a unique platform where family members can bond over laughs and joy. 

Multiplayer racing

Who does not love to race on the tracks? It becomes even more fun when you are using your smart devices to race on the digital tracks. Racing games are found in different interactive versions offering enjoyable interfaces. These games can be played with family members of almost all ages.

The multiplayer feature of these games will show which player is where on the tracks. Discover the real fun of competing with all the members on chosen tracks facing lots of thrilling challenges on the way.

Things to remember

Whenever you are downloading a family gaming app, make sure you consider the ages of all the members you want to include. Do not make a member feel left out and choose a gaming app accordingly. 

Follow these suggestions and start scouting the application stores for such games. If you have ample devices to distribute and include all, you are good to go. In fact, you can also invite your family members living remotely from your location to join and enjoy the fun of online gaming. 

Choose a game with better experience and compatibility with all the devices members own. Get the reliable apps from app stores, download, install and start having fun with your family and friends today!

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