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5 Unique and Low-Cost Promotional Products to Try

Promotional Products are used to get your company or brand noticed by potential customers, which in turn helps increase your sales. Getting started with promotional products does not require a significant investment. Even with a low budget, you can use promotional products to show off your brand. Many online sites are offering low-cost promotional products such as Custom Gear and others.

Giving unusual yet high-utility items is a great way to make customers think about your brand. You can create advertising impressions in the minds of people without spending tons of money.

Here are 5 unique and low-cost promotional products you can try for your next promotional activity.

Bottle Openers

Bottle openers are handy and useful products ideal as a promotional giveaway for bars, restaurants, and hotels. Whenever people crack open a cold drink or wine bottle, the bottle opener with your brand’s logo will remind them of your company. They are small, cost-effective items ideal as giveaways to anyone. Bottle openers come in various designs, and you can choose according to your budget available on many online sites such as custom gear and others.

1. Air Fresheners

Air Fresheners as promotional giveaways can do wonders for your company. When customers hang it in the car, office, or their living space, it will remind them of your company. The small size makes it easy to carry and store and is more likely to be used by people.

Custom air fresheners in fun designs and colors printed with your brand’s logo will increase brand recognition and enhance sales. They are cost-effective promotional gifts that will leave a positive impression in the minds of people.

2. Water Bottles

Water Bottles are low-cost promotional products that can be highly effective for increasing the awareness of your brand. Pick an inexpensive yet reusable water bottle imprinted with your brand’s name and logo. Reusable bottles are utility products for people. It is a handy item that people frequently use to increase their water intake. As recipients take their bottle with them to public places, your brand gets free publicity.

3. Head Bands

Headbands are an affordable promotional product for making your brand stand out. They are adorable and useful promotional items to spread your brand message. The headbands are worn on the head, which will help you garner more brand exposure for your company. You can give them at any outdoor or sporting events or trade shows. They are one-size-fits-all products making them great utility gifts for everyone.

4. Socks

Socks are both unusual and low-cost promotional products you can give to increase the exposure of your brand. You want your future prospects and customers to remember you, so giving a utility product as socks will surely get your brand noticed.

Comfort and long-lasting socks are practical gifts people like to use every day. No matter what products your brand offers, promotional socks can be used for any target audience. Custom promotional socks can be embroidered with your company’s logo and trademark colours and is a great way to advertise your brand.

Impress your clients and customers with any of the above exciting and unusual promotional products that will not hurt your budget. Besides, you can also reap the benefits of coming up with an out-of-the-box idea for promoting your business.

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