Keeping It Casual: 7 Comfortable Fashion Tips

If you’re feeling down, it might be time to rethink your wardrobe.

During the pandemic, fashion became a source of both physical and psychological comfort for millions, which has since changed style trends. These days, comfort and coziness reign supreme.

Still, comfortable fashion doesn’t have to forgo aesthetics. Read on for seven fashion tips to keep you feeling cozy while looking stunning.

1. Go Big or Go Home

Stash your body-con dresses and tight pants away, because right now baggy and oversized clothes are in. Unisex and borrowed-from-the-boys styles are popular, making it easy to stay comfy and stylish.

Baggy tees, loose pants, and “shackets” (shirt-style jackets) are easy to wear and leave plenty of room.

For somebody types, especially petites, baggy looks may feel nice but don’t look so flattering. If you’re struggling to style your bigger pieces, try belting or tucking in tops to help show your figure.

You can also opt for a large cardigan or shirt left open, with a cropped top underneath. That way, your waistline doesn’t get lost in the layers.

2. Choose Luxe Fabrics

Even the most comfortable clothes can look classy and expensive when made of a luxurious fabric.

Have you ever compared high-fashion sweats with the cheap ones you wear to bed? Or what about the difference between a synthetic sweater that pills and a soft cashmere one?

No matter how casual your clothes are, high-quality fabrics can instantly make you look put together and chic.

Not only that, but cheap fabrics tend to feel less comfortable to wear. They may be itchy, stuffy, or lack movement. Consider that another reason to skip the bargain clothes and go for finer fabrics.

3. Wear Your House Clothes Out

Don your indoor clothes outdoors—or at least get inspired by your house clothes.

Comfortable clothes to wear at home can also look great when worn to class, brunch, or a casual date. For example, matching sets continue to be a major trend, offering a style that’s lounge-y without looking lazy.

Pajama-style pants are also an easy go-to, as well as long cardigans that feel as cozy as a bathrobe.

And this can extend to undergarments too: if you’re not a fan of bras around the house, opt for a lighter bralette even when you go out.

4. Dress Like a Dancer

This comfortable fashion trend takes sporty styles to a new level.

Athleisure style has been a comfy staple for years, but recently, fashionistas are turning to dance-inspired wear. And in this case, the trend is less hip-hop breakdancer and more ballerina in training.

You don’t have to wear a tutu to look the part. Wrap tops, light chiffon skirts, leggings, bodysuits, and ballet flats are all comfortable and casual styles that look feminine without the frills.

5. Skip the Jeans

Jeans are practically a wardrobe necessity, but the truth is they’re just not that comfortable. While the best jeans should have some stretch, they can still feel stiff and papery compared to other bottoms.

If you want to stay cozy, switch out your jeans for an array of other options. Leggings, cargo pants, sweats, and even skirts can be much comfier than jeans. And softer pants, like knitted wide-leg pants, feel fresh and on-trend compared to denim.

And if you really can’t part with your jeans, go for a wider leg in a slouchier fit. This feels more current compared to constricting skinny jeans and jeggings.

6. Keep Your Feet Comfy

When thinking of comfortable fashion, you may think of easygoing t-shirts and lounge pants. But you shouldn’t overlook your feet.

Shoes are meant to protect your tootsies, but many types and styles can be extremely painful, causing blisters, bruising, and even making it hard to walk.

For most people, the only reason to justify wearing such uncomfortable shoes is fashion. But you can look good while keeping your feet cozy too.

Skip your heels and too-tight shoes, and opt for more comfortable footwear.

Sneakers like the ones from KicksCrew can feel soft and supportive around your feet without sacrificing style. You can also try wearing flat boots for warmth in the winter or flexible flats for an easygoing option.

Make sure to always get the right shoe size, since too tight or too loose shoes can feel painful and awkward. And always wear cozy socks underneath, even if just ankle styles.

7. Strike a Balance

If you’re still unsure about how to look good while feeling cozy, try to balance comfortable clothes with more structured or feminine styles.

For example, pair a cozy sweatshirt with a feminine skirt, or throw a blazer over your matching knit set. That way, part of your outfit is still super comforting and cozy, while another element helps to upgrade the look.

You can also try this trick with accessories. Glamorize your tracksuit by throwing on some fine jewelry, or make even the most basic tee look expensive with a designer handbag.

And remember, some clothes may not immediately seem comfortable until you wear them. So instead of always relying on oversized sweatshirts or leggings, for instance, you can try a shirtdress or maxi skirt instead.

Comfortable Fashion That Looks as Good as It Feels

Recent events and trends have inspired a surge in comfortable fashion. But just because you want to feel like you’re wearing pajamas doesn’t mean you must look lazy.

Use these seven tips and styling tricks to feel cozy and fashionable for any occasion!

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