How to Look Good With Cropped Pants: A Guide for Men

Did you know that 100 billion clothing garments are produced every year?

From slacks and jeans to joggers, and now even a choice of cropped pants, you have many types to choose from. On the surface, it may sound amazing, but with this increased availability comes increased worry. Many men aren’t sure how to look good with cropped pants.

There are plenty of options that can ensure you always look your best. As such, let us tell you exactly how, plus our top picks for the best-cropped pants for men.

Find the Right Fit

When choosing cropped pants for men, ensure you find the right fit. Begin by finding a style that fits your body type, such as a slimmer, tapered cut for those with slim or moderate frames.

Look for cropped pants that hit the ankle. Choose a softer, stretchy fabric for those with athletic builds. Look for fabrics with more body or tension if you have an average body shape.

Ensure the length is not too short or too long by finding pants with hems that hit around the ankle. Ensure you have a good fit in the waist and the crotch.

Remember that the fabric should fit comfortably without any pulling. Consider finding a tailor who can alter the length and fit of the pants for a perfect bespoke look.

Rocking the Accessories

Rocking the accessories is all about creating a look tailored to fit your fashion sensibilities. Cropped pants are a great way to create a casual look for men.

When styling your cropped pants, be sure to consider the accessories that you incorporate into your ensemble. Try pairing the pants with a lightweight jacket.

Add a belt and a pair of sneakers that coordinate with the color of your pants and jacket. Enhance the look with a nice watch or a pair of sunglasses. Opt for a messenger bag or backpack to complete the look.

Consider Different Cuts and Styles

When selecting cropped pants for men, men should consider different cuts and styles. The most common types of pants for men are slim, regular, or straight fit.

Slim-fit trousers are the most modern option and flatter any body type. Regular-fit trousers are versatile and fit comfortably on most body types, while straight-fit trousers provide a classic look and balance out a heavier top.

Look for comfortable fabrics like denim, linen, or cotton that won’t restrict movement and keep you cool during warm weather. Compliment cropped pants by pairing them with a shirt. If you need help, see page on viking pants and look for the best fit.

Use Proper Footwear

When it comes to looking good in cropped pants, footwear is key. Opt for traditional loafers or Oxfords to create a classic and timeless look.

Loafers are a great choice because they come in various styles and colors. Wear a glossy black leather pair if you like a more upscale look. Oxfords are more formal than loafers and look great paired with cropped dress pants.

Choosing the Best Cropped Pants for Men

Wearing cropped pants for men is a great way to showcase your current fashion sense. Knowing when and how to wear them can easily turn your look into a fashionable statement. Remember to match with the right shoes, wear the right length and consider the other pieces of your look when rocking your cropped pants.

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