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7 Tips for Giving Sensual Massages

Sensual massages done right can stimulate the release of hormones like dopamine and serotonin. These brain chemicals are responsible for pleasure and stress reduction.

Not only is a sensual massage relaxing and pleasurable, but it is also a fantastic way to strengthen a romantic relationship.

Unfortunately, many people don’t know how to give a sensual massage. If you want to give your partner an unforgettable experience, read further to learn seven great tips.

1. Prepare Everything and Set the Mood

There’s nothing worse than having to fumble around searching for things in the middle of a sensual massage. Let’s not ruin the mood.

Have your massage oils ready and ensure the room is at a comfortable temperature. Be sure to tidy the bedroom and make sure the sheets are clean.

Take a little time to get yourself in order too. Turn off your mobile phone, put on a pleasant fragrance, and wear something loose and sexy. Your nails should be nicely trimmed because, if they’re rough or sharp, they can ruin those pleasant feelings for your lover.

Setting the mood is an essential part of a full-body sensual massage. A relaxing and comfortable environment is best, and dim lighting with candles can create an atmosphere of seduction.

Go the extra mile by putting roses or rose petals on the bed. It’s a good idea to draw your partner a warm bath to guide them to relax while you prepare the final touches. Relaxing music is perfect for putting everyone at ease.

2. Make Sure They Are Comfortable

Take extra care to ensure your spouse feels comfortable and safe. You want them to enjoy the experience, so you can gently ask if they are happy with the room temperature and the pillows.

Have extra pillows on hand and see if they enjoy additional support under the knees and head. The bed is the ideal place for a massage, and it lends itself nicely to post-massage fun.

You can also ask your spouse about their pressure preferences. Some love to be touched gently all over, while others want something rougher and tumble. Don’t make any assumptions about what your partner may or may not like.

3. Use Massage Oils

Bringing in massage oils can make a world of difference. A body lotion is a good option, but nicely scented massage oils can take the sensual experience to a whole new level. Create a deeper intimacy while helping rid them of tension in their body.

Oils double up as aromatherapy by stimulating the sense of smell. If you’re looking for sensual massage oil, look no further than coconut, lavender, jojoba, or sweet almond oil.

You can warm the oil up by placing the bottle in a hot cup of water until you deem the temperature perfect. Otherwise, pour oil into your hand and rub your palms together before applying it to your partner’s body.

Don’t put the oil directly onto their body, if you intend to make the experience as sensual as possible.

4. Start Gentle

There’s plenty you can do to create an arousing atmosphere. As light as a feather, begin with some long strokes up and down the body. It’s erotic and is the perfect way to start a sensual massage for women or men.

Continue in a slow and sensual tone so the two of you can enjoy the feeling of being present in your bodies. Increase the pressure once the muscles have warmed up and are relaxed.

The neck and shoulders carry a lot of tension so knead these muscles using your thumb and forefingers. Move around the body and pay close attention to your partner’s reactions to the various pressure points. They will likely give you some kind of positive feedback if you are doing something they enjoy.

5. Explore Your Partner’s Body

The neck, shoulders, and back are great areas to focus on during any type of massage. But don’t be shy to explore every nook and cranny, dedicating plenty of time to the various arousal areas.

Slowly and sensually, make circles in the inner section of your partner’s palm until eventually reaching the center, where you’ll find maximum sensitivity.

If you want to tease your partner and raise the temperature, gently glide your fingers over the arousal areas. Just a light graze on sensitive areas can be incredibly erotic in this setting.

Explore behind the knees for another sensitive, sweet spot. And be sure to pay a visit to the inner thighs, which are a highly erotic area for both sexes.

6. Use Different Parts of Your Body

Your hands are indeed your most suitable tool for giving a massage. But don’t let that stop you from getting creative.

Heat things up by using body parts such as your lips and your tongue to caress your partner. See what other parts of your body can enhance the experience.

There’s plenty of potential for things can get steamy. If you choose to give the massage naked, a woman can use her breasts to massage her partner’s back. And a man can use his penis to massage the woman’s vagina while kissing the back of her neck.

7. Come With an Open Mind

You may feel nervous, but a sensual massage is an excellent opportunity to break down barriers in your relationship. It’s crucial to come with an open mind and a loving spirit of curiosity to explore each other’s boundaries.

Giving a massage is a fantastic way to show selfless love and affection. By performing the massage with awareness, you can explore your feelings and senses together.

Being aware means being understanding, caring, and free of judgment. Through a loving, sensual massage, you can open your minds together as one.

Sensual Massages Can Strengthen Your Relationship

Give your partner a fantastic sexy gift and use these seven tips to rock their world. There is no other foreplay quite so luxurious.

The language of touch is universal. And you can speak the language of love with a full-body sensual massage, bringing you closer together as a couple.

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