All You Need to Know About OnionPlay and Some Alternatives

We all love to watch movies and popular TV shows. But sometimes we couldn’t cope up with the telecasting time because of our daily schedule and busy lifestyle. But what happens when you don’t have to stick with the watch to show your TV shows and movies. Yes, you can watch them whenever you want to stream that. OnionPlay is in your way to help you out.

OnionPlay is a free online website to watch movies and TV shows. Here you can stream movies and your favorite TV for free. So, if want to watch movies for free and of the highest quality then you must try OnionPlay. This is a website for the videos and movies category.


Now you must be thinking that what is special about the OnionPlay. You can watch movies on any app or any website. So, let me clear to you that on the other sites you have to pay to watch movies or TV shows. Like if you take a membership of Amazon Prime or Netflix then you would know that you have to take the membership for that. After taking the membership you can watch the movies there.

But this is not with the OnionPlay. You can watch movies and TV shows for free here. But let me clear one thing about the OnionPlay that this website is not a legit website. OnionPlay is a pirated website that steals movies and uploads them to your website. After that, you can see them for free.

Is OnionPlay Safe To Use?

Any website that is pirated, is not safe. There you have to deal with so many ads, if you accidently click on those ads, then you can enter the virus in your devise. Hence, we should not use pirated websites. These sites have some benefits but along with that there are many losses too.

But OnionPlay comes with the extra security and safety. Their users can be used it fearlessly and no need to worry about the devices.

OnionPlay has also closed many websites but they built a new website after one is shut down and launch that again. OnionPlay has been around for quite some time and now has gained too much popularity. Because they upload latest content of TV shows and movies.

The good thing about the OnionPlay is that they have a range of Hollywood movies. So, if you are a lover of Hollywood movies and TV shows then OnionPlay is for you.

What Are The Features of OnionPlay?

After the introduction of OnionPlay, now we will tell you about the features of this website. What kind of theme does OnionPlay have? How well this website respond? These are some questions that have come to your mind. So, to answer all these questions, we have sorted the all information for you about OnionPlay.

  • OnionPlay has a dark theme and has simple and minimalistic layouts. On that layouts, you can scroll without any kind of interruption and confusion.
  • As we already told you that OnionPlay is pirated website. But it comes with extra safety and security for their users. Hence, you have no need to worry about your system. That won’t be hacked by the malware and the other virus attacks.
  • The page loading speed is very high and pretty on point. On the OnionPlay you can navigate any content without any buffering.
  • OnionPlay has also a separate button for searching on the top. That makes it easier for you to find any movie and the TV shows that you want to watch.
  • Here you can find wide range of movies and TV shows. OnionPlay has categories to watch the best movies and shows. You can choose your movies or TV shows from the category.

What Are The Categories on OnionPlay?

If we talk about the categories on OnionPlay, there are some selective categories available. You can find anything from the homepage of OnionPlay. This is hassle-free website, you have no need to struggle to navigate the content of your choice. Some main categories of OnionPlay are;

  • Movies
  • TV shows
  • New releases
  • Episodes
  • Genres
  • TOP
  • A-Z

How Can You download The movies And TV Shows On OnionPlay?

The downloading process is very easy and simple. Especially if the content is available on the website, then you can do it in a few seconds. You just need to follow some steps for that. Have a look;

  • After visiting the official website of OnionPlay, open the home page.
  • From there you can navigate the website to find which TV show or movies you want to watch.
  • After finding the desired content, you can click on the thumbnail of that to open a new page.
  • Then you have to go down to the bottom page to find out the download button.
  • Click on that download button and then the downloading will be start quickly.
  • Now enjoy your programs.

Does OnionPlay require a VPN?

No, there is no requirement for any kind of VPN. That means you can rely on Google search for finding the website. But if the official website is not available there then you can generally find the mirror website to enjoy your desired content on OnionPlay.

This was to all information about the OnionPlay, which you need to know. Now I am going to tell you about some alternatives of OnionPlay.

Some alternatives of OnionPlay

As I told you before that OnionPlay is a pirated and illegal platform, hence, now I would suggest you some legal alternatives to watch your favorite movies and TV shows. This would be more ethical to choose these sites rather than pirated websites.

Some best alternatives;



We all know about this popular platform. But on YouTube, you don’t find vast movies or TV show collections. Some content you have to purchase or give rent. But aside from that, YouTube allows you to watch millions of videos and shows that you can enjoy absolutely free. When you are getting bored, you can find something here and can enjoy it. For more information click here.

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video

my next suggestion is Amazon Prime, they have a full range of movies and TV shows. Amazon Prime have their own releases which you can watch only here along with amazing videos collection. But to watch their content, you have to take its subscription. If you will take a subscription to Amazon Prime then you will enjoy some extra benefits on this platform. Like you can get next day delivery of your orders which you shop from their site. Click here.

Tubi TV

Tubi TV

If you are looking legal alternative to OnionPlay then Tubi TV is a nice option for you. There you can watch many movies or can binge-watch your desired shows. Here you can find old and new movies collection and also TV shows. Tubi TV has a minimalistic dark theme that gives it an aesthetic look. Click here.



Netflix is one of the best alternatives of OnionPlay. It has their own original movies and web series with a range of classic and latest released movies and shows. This is a paid subscription-based site, if want to enjoy of their contents then you have to pay for that.

Here you can also enjoy Hollywood movies and English web series. If you invest your money on Netflix, you will not disappoint at all. Click here.

Sony Crackle

Sony Crackle

Sony Crackle is a Sony’s owned website and they host a wide range of movies and TV shows. The best part about this is that this is a free movie streaming platform. You can enjoy its services anywhere like on Android or iOS. Some content of the Sony Crackle is restricted in a few countries but you can watch them by using a VPN to stream that. Click here.

Popcorn Flix

Popcorn Flix

In the search of alternatives to OnionPlay, we would suggest Popcorn Flix. This platform is also a legal site and is also a free that hosts amazing Hollywood movies and TV shows. So, you can enjoy all this for free, but this is an ad-supported platform.

That’s mean you will have to watch the content here with the ads. Click here.

Con TV or Viewster

Con TV or Viewster

This website is now gaining a popularity for hosting a range of classic and latest movies. Along with the movies and TV shows you can enjoy here a wide range of independent productions shows and documentaries.

The unique thing about Con TV is that it hosts a range of original TV shows and original movies. These all content you can’t find anywhere else. Click here.



This is a free movie streaming platform and lets you stream your TV shows and movies for free. But this platform is not so much popular but its host amazing content online to watch. So, you can take it as an alternative of OnionPlay to watch the movies and TV shows for free.

But annoying part of this platform is that they host the ads. Hence, you have to bear that while watching the contents. Click here.

We hope this all information about the OnionPlay will be helpful for you. And you can understand the importance of legal alternatives which you should support.

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