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7 Secrets of Super-Successful Video Marketing

Video marketing has taken centre stage when it comes to the means of marketing. Numerous videos are watched on YouTube daily, and plenty of them are shared via social media, texts and landing pages to increase revenue. In recent years, the value of video marketing has flourished because no marketing tasks are complete without it. And why not? It is easier to get a better understanding of a product or service through a visual representation.

However, you must focus more on the aspects related to your products to make the video engaging and attract a massive user base. We will introduce you to the seven secrets of super successful video marketing to take your online brand to the next level through this post!

1. Focus on content

The evolution of social media has made reaching the audience easy. To make your video engaging, you need to add some value to it by focusing more on brand rather than sales. The best kind of marketing video can establish a connection with the viewers by inculcating the understanding of the product and services. The better your content, the more sales you can expect.

You can tell the viewers about why they must buy your product and how it stands out from the competitors. You can bring in your brand’s history and tell your growth story over the years to showcase genuineness about your product. Also, ensure to keep your content crisp and concise to keep the interest of the audience intact.

2. Start your video with a bang

The whole idea behind video marketing is to communicate your message in the beginning. If you keep the most crucial part of your video at the end, there is no point as the viewers might leave the video in the middle or beginning itself. Therefore, set the tone from the start to win the viewer’s attention. The average attention span of an online video is only 8.5 seconds. Hence, to create a successful video, you must put the story at the onset to gather attention.

One great formula to attract an audience at the beginning of the content is to give a brief preview of what’s in the video. Besides, you can also use thumbnails to complement your video. However, keep away from motion-filled and blurry thumbnails and look for something crisp and clear.

3. Relevant audience base

Facebook makes a perfect choice to target relevant audiences due to its excellent marketing features. You can start with Facebook video ads by sharing the most targeted posts to make your content engaging. With Facebook targeting, you can categorise the audience based on age, location, languages and gender so that only the selected users can view the post. You can additionally target a particular audience by looking at their interests depending on who likes your page, who shares your post, etc.

When you target the audience by interest, there is no restriction on who can and cannot see your post. Therefore, those out of your interest group can also see your post on their Facebook page or news feed. So, create content based that is relevant to your audience by knowing their areas of interest.

4. Sound-on, Sound-off

Facebook videos play with the sound on. However, about 85% of the videos were played with the sound off before specific updates. You need to keep this in mind because it is necessary to know how engaging your video content is when played in both sound-on and silent mode. That is why the video compilers need to think of creating a video to compel the audience irrespective of any need for the audio.

If the viewers are still watching the video without sound, it implies that your content was quite effective. The aim should be to attract an audience with visuals, interesting captions and overlays. A couple of ways in which you can optimise silent videos are:

  • Enticing visuals
  • Easy to understand captions
  • Subtitles

5. CTA or Call To Action

CTA or call to action is imperative when creating a video for brand marketing. Although CTA doesn’t exactly mean to promote sales or sign up, a video CTA can let people share the video content to spread product/brand awareness. You can place a CTA at any point in the video. However, placing it at the end makes the most difference. Additionally, a CTA can include a follow/like page, subscription, share with friends, leave comments on the video and check for more content.

6. Search Optimisation

Endless searches are performed on Google, YouTube, etc., in a day. If you do not optimise your search, you may miss out on the number of viewers. You can add keywords in your title for higher ratings and search results. Your video title plays a significant role and is essential for driving ranking on platforms like Google. Choose to include the primary keyword in your title and keep it under 66 characters to prevent truncation.

Besides, don’t forget to explain your brand story; you can add a video description to add more value to your content and also include keywords in the description but do not overdo it.

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