Fragile Packages

Best Fragile Stickers for Your Fragile Packages

Picture this; you ordered a valuable, old Chinese vase costing thousands of dollars, but what you received is a crunched battered package! The shocking sight is enough to knock you down before mourning for a double loss! Back to the drawing board, before pressing charges for the shipping company, you realize you are the problem; you did not request for a fragile sticker to be attached to your shipment. In order to prevent the same terrible misfortune from happening again,visit a website selling fragile stickers.

A fragile sticker is an all-rounded silent media speaking to the person handling the package, to handle it with care. However, there is a diversity of fragile stickers that not only protect the packages but handlers, are warned against the looming danger starring at them if the package is destroyed. Here are a few examples of fragile stickers you should know!

The upside-down sticker

There is a strict code followed when handling fragile items;one of them isattaching a sticker labeling upside- down. This sticker clearly advertises that any person handling the luggageshould be cautious when packing, either in an airplane or container. The package should always face upward, as indicated by two arrows pointing up.

A typical example of items you should stick a directional sticker on the packaging glass. If you are wondering where to get high-quality fragile stickers to attach to a package containing glamorous glass, visit a website that sells them. However, not all packages with the right-side-up stickers are completely protected! The next sticker on the list passes more reliable and solid information to the handler.

A sticker with a cracked glass symbol

If you see a sticker with the symbol of a racked glass stuck to a package, stay away from it! This symbol is a common scene on packages containing glass, porcelain, etc., buying a fragile sticker with a cracked glass symbol is the only way to protect an extremely fragile item. The symbol radiates solid information warning folks with nimble hands not to touch your package.

Most manufacturers of this sticker emblem the cracked glass icon on a bright color theme; to improve the visual appearance as well as pass information! To get one of these, visit websites that sell them. You will get varied sizes and colors.

Handle with care symbol

This is the goddess of protection and ultimate defender of fragile items on transit. This symbol is denoted by two hands with a cube resting on them. It is difficult for a normal person to understand this fragile symbol unless it is accompanied by a few words indicating its meaning.

Nonetheless, it is an internationally recognized symbol used to indicate extremely fragile items like TV screens, vases, artwork, glass frames, etc., are in the package. The handle with care symbol universally protects anything under its umbrella. So if you are planning to gift someone with the artistic work you created or bought, make sure you purchase this fragile sticker. To get one, visit a website that distributes them.

A fragile sticker is a cheap, simple, and common piece of paper, but it carries big roles in protecting your packages. Don’t assume shipping companies are careful and reliable; get a fragile sticker to add another layer of security protocol to your fragile item. To get a high-quality sticker, visit the website that distributes them!

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