Dirt Bike Upgrades That You Should Consider

While motorcycle manufacturers build great bikes, there is always room for improvement. Upgrades to consider will impact the appearance and performance of a bike, so take the time to choose ones that meet all your objectives. Explore options that make a bike your own and create a unique statement.

Improve The Bike’s Appearance

Today’s dirt bikes are already pretty colorful, with lots of yellows, reds, greens, and oranges. However, riders with the same make and model bike will look alike. To set your bike apart from the pack, explore individualized options by contacting Senge Graphics. The kits supplied will differentiate your bike, making it a one-of-a-kind ride you’ll be proud to ride.

Upgrade The Exhaust System

Performance enhancements frequently start with new pipes. From the factory, a bike’s exhaust system is rarely fascinating. The exhaust system must meet cost constraints and government regulations for street riding. When you’re looking for a competitive edge, upgrade to a system designed to meet your riding needs. Make sure the system selected is designed to meet the requirements of your riding style. Look for an exhaust system that looks good, boosts horsepower, and is lightweight. 

Refine The Suspension 

Dirt bikes take a lot of abuse, and so do riders. Upgrading the bike’s suspension enhances overall performance, reduces damage to the bike, and makes it less likely riders will be injured. Improving the bike’s shocks will certainly provide better performance, but also pay attention to the linkage arm, fork adjusters, air bleeders, and other components. 

Improve The Bike’s Breathing

Power depends on how well a bike can breathe. The easiest way to enhance a bike’s breathing is to upgrade the air filter. While factory filters are serviceable, they don’t provide the air supply riders need to achieve first-place finishes. Select premium air filters and keep them clean or replace them as needed. If you’re planning a long day of riding, take a spare filter along to ensure you’re ready for the next race. 

Enhance The Fuel Supply

All bikes need both air and fuel to function. Once you’ve improved the air supply, make sure the fuel supply is adequate. That might mean rejecting the carb jets or exploring ways to boost the performance of a fuel injection system. Tuners are now available to help riders match the air/fuel ratio to the type of riding they’re doing. Fuel injection systems are relatively complex, so get professional help with mapping if you’re unsure how to proceed. 

Build Your Own Dirt Bike

Riders may ultimately feel non of the factory bikes meet their needs. If you’ve reached that point, consider building your own bike. Decide what type of dirt bike you want and evaluate ways to build your own. If you’re not an experienced builder, take the advice of experts when selecting or designing a frame, engine, transmission, and other components. Most times, factory components are strongly recommended, as they’re already proven. Next, choose the custom touches to make the bike your own. However, make sure the custom parts selected will stand up to the abuse they’ll be subjected to. 

Get Started!

Whether you’ll looking for mild improvements or a total bike makeover, get started now! Plan your changes carefully, and start ordering those graphic kits and parts to make your bike your own.

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