5 Reasons Why Regular Visits To An Adults Orthodontist Can Save Your Teeth


Having crooked teeth since birth might seem natural to you for a long time, but it can be painful in the later stage of life. To treat such teeth issues, you need to visit an orthodontist, especially one who specializes in adult orthodontics.

Las Vegas has the most qualified and experienced dentists in the world. Yet, the median salary of a dentist in Las Vegas can vary from $170,000 to $220,000. Las Vegas has at least 10-15% of adult orthodontists out of the total specialized dentists present. Resulting from which, every 100,00 people have access to 22 orthodontists.

Every orthodontist works differently according to their specialization. Just in case, ensure that your orthodontist specializes in adult orthodontics so that you put your time and money in the right place. Las Vegas has seen a high number of malocclusions due to tooth loss in the past few years, where there were at least 25% of the population. Out of these people, at least 50% had tooth loss due to dental caries or inadequate access to dental services. To decrease this percentage, the government released a few policies in 2020 that entitled people to free medical treatment.

Below is a list of 5 reasons why an adult orthodontist can help you save your teeth.


●    Prevent future dental problems

The orthodontist can identify slight signs of issues relating to the positioning of the teeth or a narrow palate in an early phase. It saves money and time. It is highly beneficial as misalignment of teeth can further cause headaches, difficulty while brushing, and many other malocclusion-related issues.

●    Reduce bad breath

Bad breath is mainly caused by food stuck in odd corners of your teeth. The main reason for the same is the misalignment of the teeth which also makes brushing a problematic task. When the alignment issue has been treated, the chances of food getting stuck reduces by more than 90%. It is directly proportional to the amount of lousy breath produced in your mouth.

●    Treat issues related to bite

Another issue related to malocclusion that orthodontists treat is a bad bite. Treating a lousy bite in adults is crucial as it can lead to severe issues as they grow older. A bad bite can lead to the deformation of teeth and health in worsening jaw deformation. It is also one of the biggest reasons why many adults visit an orthodontist: it also affects your digestion and food intake. 

●    Treat jaw deformation

When malocclusion is left untreated for a long time, the teeth bones are affected and further reach the jaw bones. The jaw bones also start deforming in an odd way which in turn changes the facial structure. No plastic surgeon can help to reverse this jaw deformation. Only an experienced adult orthodontist can help you treat this issue.

●    Reduce speech issues

When you speak, your tongue touches the palate and the teeth. If the tongue doesn’t touch the teeth as it’s supposed to when speaking, it can cause whistling or lisping. The orthodontist would be able to treat the placement of your teeth, which will impact the movement of the tongue, in turn affecting your speech.


People do not care about the issues related to the alignment of their teeth and wait till adulthood to let their teeth settle. At the same time, it may seem appropriate as they settle in better, but people need to take good care of their teeth in adulthood as their tooth bones are no longer growing. When you notice crooked teeth in adulthood, it is better to visit an adult orthodontist as soon as possible to treat them. If you wait longer for your teeth to settle in, they can get worse than they were and give way to dental issues.

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