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Do Not Wear These Things at the Gym

The last thing most people worry about when going to the gym is their clothes. This, however, is a mistake. While the gym is not like an office where you have to dress for success, there are still limitations as to what can be described as proper gym wear.

Some types of bodybuilding clothing are appropriate, while some are not. Below are things that you should not be caught wearing while working out, at least if you want to optimize your workout performance and comply with the unwritten but nonetheless accepted gym etiquette.

Clothes Made of 100% Cotton

While cotton may generate less odor than synthetic fibers after absorbing perspiration, it absorbs a lot more than is practical, especially in the gym setting. Wearing a cotton top and/or bottom soaked in moisture will wear you down, ruining your gym session. What is more, being drenched in a significant amount of moisture is a perfect condition to breed bacteria. If your skin has any open area, it would be susceptible to infection.

If you absolutely have to wear cotton, go for something that is light or blended with other materials. Or instead, wear bodybuilding clothing made from moisture-wicking materials such as polyester or Lycra blends. It is light, draws away the sweat from your skin, and dries quickly.

Denim Clothes

If cotton is not good for working out, denim is much worse. The sweat you produce and the humidity inside the gym will make the denim cling to your skin, restricting your movement and making you feel uncomfortable. Additionally, sweat-soaked denim clothing is extremely heavy. You would want the weight and resistance to be on the gym equipment, not on your clothes.

Open-Toed Sandals or Boots

Open-toed sandals and flip flops are comfortable to wear at home or at the beach, but they are not appropriate for the gym. Aside from being unsupportive, it is extremely unsafe. You could slip while carrying weights and end up hurting yourself. And with your toes being exposed, it would not have any form of protection.

On the other hand, boots are supportive but they are neither comfortable nor flexible. With such unstable footwear, you could lose your balance and bump yourself on moving equipment or fall on someone doing a bench press. Both scenarios are extremely unsafe.

Ill-Fitting Clothes

While working out, you need to be able to move freely. That is why the bodybuilding clothing you wear at the gym should fit you nicely. Do not wear clothes that are too tight as they would restrict your movements and prevent you from executing the movements perfectly. Compression clothing is an exception as it is specially designed to fit snugly while allowing freedom of movement.

Also, do not wear clothes that are too loose. While this may be comfortable for some people, the loose parts could get caught on rotating or moving equipment, causing damage to the machine and injuries to you. 

Makeup and Jewelry

There are only a few places where you should not wear makeup and jewelry. The gym happens to be one of them. The sweat, dirt, and oil could be trapped under the makeup, causing a host of skin irritations. Pieces of jewelry, on the other hand, could make you look nice but put you at risk. Same with baggy clothing, these could get caught on moving or rotating parts of an equipment and cause damage or injuries.

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