Tips for Using Skin Serums Properly

As people nowadays have become more efficient regarding their skincare routines, layering has also become crucial. Using skin serums increases the strength of your regimen. It also rounds out the active ingredients of the skincare solutions you are applying to your skin, offering a more intensive approach to hydration and anti-aging. The texture of serums is much lighter than moisturizers. For this reason, you can use the serum preceding a moisturizer if you have normal to dry skin, or you can use it as a stand-alone application if you have oily skin.

A face serum can help you achieve the perfect skin, but you should know how to use it correctly to see your desired results of skin goodness. Here are the steps to follow:

Applying toner first

The correct layering of the formulations is vital to the effectiveness of the skincare regime. A common practice is to apply products on your skin according to their viscosity. It means you should begin with the product with the thinnest products to the thickest or stickiest ones.

So, after prepping and cleansing your face, apply toner on your face and neck, focusing more on the cheeks, chin, nose, and hairline. You may also use a special mist with aloe vera juice, coconut water, rose water, or other skin-nourishing ingredients. Washing your face with lukewarm water is also fine if there is no mist or toner available.

Whether you are using a toner, water, or mist, the purpose of this step is to have damp skin, as it becomes more permeable in absorbing nutrient-rich serum compared to dry skin.

Applying face serum

After dampening the skin, it is time to apply the star of the moment, which is the facial serum. Typically, less is more with serum application, but the amount you apply depends on your skin type. Get a pea-sized or two pumps from the serum bottle. Get 3 to 4 drops if you are using a dropper serum. Overall, you want enough serum to cover your face and neck.

There are two methods to use the serum on your skin:

  • The first one is applying the serum with the use of your palm. Put the right amount of formula in your palm, and rub both of your palms gently to activate and warm the skin serum. After that, pat your palms onto your face and neck using upward and outward motions.
  • Another way to apply the facial serum is to use your fingertips. With the appropriate amount of serum, start patting, tapping, and smoothing out the serum on your entire face and neck. Allow the skin to absorb the serum on its own without rubbing and tugging your skin too hard.

Applying Moisturisser

While serums typically include moisturising agents in their ingredients, they are not a replacement to your night cream and daytime moisturiser. Instead, the serum supplements the moisturiser, and both products complement each other.

After applying the serum on your skin, wait for about five minutes before using the moisturiser. The moisturiser works as the finishing touch to your beauty routine, helping the serum to penetrate and enrich your skin with all the nutrients. The additional layer of moisture from the moisturiser hydrates and protects your skin, creating a smooth and radiant glow.

By following these steps, you will be a pro in the skincare department. Keep in mind the importance of the order of skincare product application, as this will make the most effective use of your entire beauty regime.

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