ElringKlinger’s Lightweight Solutions

ElringKlinger’s Lightweight Solutions

Trucks and buses have come a long way in design and technology. Old models were not only fuel guzzlers but also death traps on wheels. However, modern trucks perform better and have improved safety ratings. Most of the improvements on modern trucks are mainly in engine performance, handling systems, and driver-assist technology. Hybrid and electric concepts are also making their way into the heavy vehicle industry to achieve better results. The objective has always been to make trucks faster, safer and more efficient. Unfortunately, most of the advancements come at a cost, extra weight.

Weight affects the performance quality of trucks, buses and other heavy vehicles. For example, the torque to weight ratio is a reliable performance index that reduces with an increase in weight. Therefore, the result of having a heavier truck is an inefficient system. Moreover, weight affects the braking perfromance and handling of heavy vehicles. Nonetheless, ElringKlinger has solutions for the weight problem.

ElringKlinger is a leading name in truck engine seal manufacture and aftermarket parts. It’s a German-based company specialising in developing and manufacturing truck engine components like fuel cell parts, shielding systems, gaskets and plastic housings. Their brand is lightweight engine concepts.

The company dates back 140 years and has since expanded into an international automotive engine parts manufacturer. It’s listed on various European stock exchanges and has majority shares in several automotive and engineering companies. All their achievement boils down to their commitment to innovation.

Products manufactured by ElringKlinger are primarily designed to reduce emission through lightweight builds, downsizing of engines, or alternative drive technology. The company’s innovation stretches across all drive systems; rear wheel, front wheel, four-wheel and all-wheel drive.

The lightweight concepts are incorporated in the manufacture of aftermarket parts for trucks. As opposed to the traditional steel engine builds, ElringKlinger uses fiber-reinforced plastics, light metal alloys, and thermoplastic materials. The result is a significant weight reduction in the motor components of the truck.

Low weight ensures truckers enjoy good fuel economy, high-speed navigation, and improved handling. Moreover, the carbon footprint from trucking is significantly reduced. One customized lightweight concept from ElringKlinger is the light cam cover that increases engine efficiency without the extra weight.

Aside from weight reduction, ElringKlinger’s lightweight solutions are cheaper to make and faster to produce. Therefore, manufacturers save on production costs and time. In addition, the benefits are transferred to the consumer as the price point on the aftermarket parts is inexpensive.

The aftermarket lightweight components produced by ElringKlinger are available across the world. The brand is the largest supplier of engine seals to Mercedes, Scania, Iveco, DAF, and Volvo trucks. Moreover, the aftermarket product range is extensive, and there is something for all European and most American trucks. Although the products are light, there is no compromise on durability. ElringKlinger ensures all its products meet the industry safety and performance standards. Moreover, each part is thoroughly tested before going on the market.

Although ElringKlinger has made groundbreaking leaps in manufacturing lightweight aftermarket products, the company is committed to designing newer and lighter concepts for trucks, buses and other heavy vehicles. Their new line of aftermarket parts features innovative approaches with excellent results. Therefore, it’s almost certain that ElringKlingers’ lightweight solutions will not disappoint.

Invest in lightweight solutions from ElringKlinger’s and start enjoying the benefits.

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