Used Cars For An Affordable Ride

A new car quickly catches the eye, along with a flexible and attractive-looking financing system. Santa Monica calls for a drive. It just adds to the charm.

But if you must have a car, what other choices do you have? The answer is simple, used cars.

Just take a moment out of your time, and search through the internet for used cars for sale in Santa Monica. You will be bombarded with all the options you will see on your screen.

Purchasing a used car will save you money, give you the joy of a new car, and keep giving service for years to come.

So, why should you go for a used car, you ask? Here, we’ve got you covered.

1. Pocket friendly

Statistics conclude that, on average, used cars cost around half the price of new vehicles. People in Santa Monica change cars once every six years on average.

With the amount of savings you can make simply by choosing a used car, your vacation would most definitely be covered!

2. Depreciation

Roughly 60% of a new car depreciates in the first five years. When buying a used car, the significant depreciation is in the past.

Some used cars may gain value because they are sold at over-depreciated prices.

3. No hidden fees

A new car always comes with several hidden costs; some even have hidden advertisement fees as high as $1000.

When buying a used car, there are no such issues. You might only get charged a doc fee of around a couple hundred dollars.

4. Customisation costs

When buying a used car, there are no dealership add-ons involved. You can get everything you want to be installed at your discretion from the place or garage of your choice.

5. Certified and Inspected vehicles

When buying a used vehicle, you can rest assured that the previous owner has thoroughly checked and inspected the car before purchasing. Certified pre-owned vehicles usually have an extended warranty and certain other benefits.

6. Warranties

Many used cars generally have a part of their used warranties. If not, you always have the option of creating new warranties.

The extended warranty can get your services from factory-trained technicians. You can even use the savings from buying the car to get a reasonable assurance that it will cover more.

7. Environment friendly

Suppose you’re a climate change enthusiast and are aware of the degradation factor. In that case, a used car greatly helps in carbon dioxide reduction in the environment, simply because manufacturing and shipping a new vehicle causes one-fourth of its lifetime pollution.

8. Annual Registration fees

The car’s value and the year the model was made usually determine a car’s annual registration fee. The rates are generally the highest in the first three years, then gradually fall after 5.

You can save $1000 through registration fees when buying a used car.

Get your drive groove on

Used cars are incredibly affordable and a great addition to the family. Proper maintenance and repairs can keep a car going for years and years.

Going for a used car after ticking all the checkboxes and choosing the right vehicle in its best condition will be one of the best decisions you have ever made. You can see used cars for sale in Santa Monica to browse some options.

Consider the advantages mentioned above and browse through them. You might come across what you want.

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