How Much Does 3D Rendering Animation Walkthrough Cost?

Gone are the days when architects had to lay down their designs onto the blueprint, and it was up to the client to picture out what their vision was. Now, 3D rendering and animation services in Australia allow the owner to “walk through” the house, so they can better see the finished product with few surprises. The rendering is a more realistic and accurate representation of how the house will look like after the turnover. 

When it comes to 3D rendering services, it includes the complete view of Threesixtydegrees Australia has to offer, which would be invaluable to the engineers and the contractor to follow the architect’s vision down to the last nail.

Here are some of the advantages of 3D rendering and animation:

  1. Avoid miscommunication and misinterpretation – There is a huge difference between studying the blueprints and a 2D image of the house of your dreams. Even if the architect has consulted you about the process, you can never really be sure if what you pictured in your head matches the vision of the architect. With 3D rendering, you do not need to visualise the architect’s design.
  1. Limits mistakes – If you are the architect, you want to make sure that your design is accurately reconstructed. The 3D images make sure that what you committed to paper will be relayed to the engineer and the workers the way you envision it. Unlike with the blueprint, it is also easier to edit the 3D rendering to offer a comprehensible view of Threesixtydegrees in Australia if the client wants changes after seeing the images.
  1. More accountability – Since everybody has the same source material, it is easier to go back in case there are conflicts in the construction. The contractor has no room to interpret the design because everything is laid out in full colour. They can’t pass the blame if something goes wrong.
  1. Sell quicker – Again, for architects and designers, they do not have to say anything, but they can let their product speak about their expertise. Property developers take full advantage of 3D animation to sell their properties to prospective buyers. You can show them plenty of high-quality photographs, but they could never match the impact of virtually bringing your clients into their future home, and they can see every nook and cranny.

How Much Does 3D Rendering Cost in Australia?

Different Construction 3D animators charge different amounts of fees for their services. It depends on the company providing the service, the complexity of the project, and the number of labour hours that they spend to deliver the finished project, among others.

But to give you an idea, it will cost you somewhere between $300 to $400 for each rendered image. Some animators charge per image or page. Others charge a fixed rate for the whole project, which can go higher than $5,000. A 30-second walkthrough animation will likely cost you at least $1,500n.

So, if you want the simplest image, then the cost of the branded 3D rendering will be cheaper. However, if you are asking for all the bells and whistles, then all the refinements would incur additional costs. Make sure to relay your requirements clearly to avoid miscommunication later on. Nevertheless, you can always ask for a price estimate of the project cost. Typically, this is for free and does not obligate you to hire their services.

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