A good sleep always helps us to flush out harmful protein plaque which is responsible for many diseases like Alzheimer’s and dementia. Thus, sound sleep is very essential for a healthy brain and a healthy body. It is just as important as eating healthy food and doing exercises. Even sound sleep makes you feel better all around. It boosts your mood and really does help to get rid of your dark circles under your eyes.  

How can I get sound sleep better at night?

Your sleeping cycle directly affects your mental and physical health. If you take short sleep it can take a serious toll on your daytime productivity, energy, your emotional balance, can increase stress and even your weight management. Nowadays, many of us struggling to get the sound sleep at night properly, that we need. It is impossible to get sound sleep if you are wide awake at 2-3 a.m., you have to control the quality of your sleep.

Our fast lifestyle and unhealthy daytime habits can leave you awake and restless at night. It will badly affect your mood, immune system, your creativity, and on brain and heart health. But by following some tips, you can enjoy sound sleep at night and also will improve your health.

  • Try to fix the time to sleep and wake up:

It will help your body to set the internal clock and optimize the quality of your sleep. Try to fix the time or choose when you feel tired, so you don’t have to struggle to get sound sleep. When you get enough sleep, you wake up naturally without an alarm clock.

  • Take a timed lap after dinner:

If you go to bed just after having your dinner then please change this bad habit. To change this habit, you can try many things like you can wash the dishes, make a call, or get clothes ready for the next day. Firstly, if you do this, your food would be digested, which takes 2 hours normally to digest and you will feel light at night and will get a sound sleep after that. You can also go for a small walk after having dinner so, by this your food will also get digest.

  • Maintain the room light:

When it’s time to sleep, always make sure the room is dark. For this, you can use heavy curtains or blinds to block the light from outside. If you are scared from the dark then you can use the night bulb of minimum light. Because if you try to sleep in a room of full lights, you never get sound sleep.

The Benefits of Sound Sleep:

  • Lower weight gain risk

The connection between weight gain and obesity and the worst sleep pattern is not clear, but there have been several kinds of research throughout the year that have linked weight gain and poor sleep patterns. A lack of sleep affects a person’s desire to maintain a healthy lifestyle. If you take sound sleep you will wake up early and will feel fresh all the day.

  • Better concentration and productivity

Do you know sleep has links to several brain functions, like; productivity, concentration, and cognition, etc. many kinds of research showed that sleep patterns can have a direct impact on a person’s behaviour and attitude. The sleeping pattern also affects the child’s academic performance. Hence, everybody should take a sound sleep.

  • Athletic performance

Researchers say that adequate sleep for an adult is 7 hours and 9 hours for children a night is a must. Sleep is as much important to athletes as consuming enough calories and nutrients because the body heals during sleep automatically. Sound sleep will help an athlete in better performance intensity, more energy, better coordination, and better mental functioning.

  • Lower risk of heart disease

High blood pressure is a major cause of heart disease. If you getting proper sleep and rest each night allows the body’s blood pressure to regulate itself. When you get sound sleep it will promote better overall heart health.

  • Preventing depression

The connection between sleep and mental health has been the subject of research. But the conclusion is that there is a link between lack of sleep and depression. Some study says that people with sleep disorders show signs of depression. Thus, if you want to save yourself then take proper sound sleep at night.

Sleep is important because it helps the body to repair and be fit and ready for the next day. If you take adequate sleep then it will help you to prevent excess weight gain, heart disease and will increase your health.

Wish you a sound sleep and stay healthy!!

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